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Newly-crowned UFC champ Max Holloway: I didn't cry like a 'b-tch' to get my title shot

Max Holloway earned his title shot without whining, and he thinks other fighters should do the same.

For a long time, Max Holloway was very much the dark horse of the UFC featherweight division.

The proud Hawaiian slowly climbed the rankings, racking up ten straight wins before finally challenging one of the greatest champions of all time in Jose Aldo.

During that three-year win streak, 'Blessed' didn't once complain about not getting a title shot and advised other fighters to adopt a similar attitude.

After beating 'Scarface' to a pulp at UFC 212 and taking home featherweight gold, Holloway told the rest of the 'cry babies' on the UFC roster to stop bitching about getting a title shot.

“You know, jut keep grinding, keep grinding,” Holloway told reporters at the UFC 212 post-fight press conference (h/t Danny Segura of MMA Fighting). “Too many cry babies in this game. I could've sat there and weeped and cried and, ‘Where is my title shot, blah, blah, blah.’ I don't want to say it, but you’re a b-tch, you're a b-tch if you act like that, for real. Keep making your payday, they tell us to go out there and fight out our contracts, go out there and make fights.

“I never cried one time. Like I said before, when we got the Aldo fight, the email was in my inbox for 15 minutes. It took me a under a minute to send it back, I didn't even know it was in there, I was randomly checking my email and I was like, ‘oh UFC agreement, what?’ and send it back with my signature. Stop crying, ‘I deserve this, I deserve that’, you guys don't deserve sh-t. Keep trying, keep working hard. We’re here now, they can't deny me now.”

Holloway became the first man to dismantle Aldo in the Octagon, methodically picking him apart in front of his home crowd at Rio de Janeiro's Jeunesse Arena and battering the pound-for-pound great on the ground. Veteran referee 'Big' John McCarthy was forced to intervene in the third round, and Bruce Buffer declared the fight a TKO win for Holloway.

The 25-year-old phenom told the media that he's not interested in 'money' fights and would rather defend his throne for a long time.

“I don’t want money fights,” Holloway said. “We [Holloway and UFC president Dana White] had a meeting before [the fight] and he said this is big-game hunting. The bigger the game you bring to the table, the bigger the paycheck you get, and I think Aldo is a silverback gorilla – I want my paycheck. I don't want money fights, I want to get paid, and like I said, I want to defend my throne. I’m going to be here for a long time."

As the undisputed featherweight champion, Holloway has racked up eleven consecutive wins and is tied fifth with MMA legend Royce Gracie for one of the longest win streaks in UFC history.