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Max Holloway: I’m not calling out ‘2015 champ’ Conor McGregor, ‘he should beg to fight me’

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Max Holloway says Conor McGregor was just the ‘2015 champ’, and 2017 is the start of the ‘Blessed Era’.

UFC Fight Night: McGregor v Holloway Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

Shortly after being the first person to legitimately pick apart and dominate Jose Aldo, undisputed featherweight champion Max Holloway was asked about his former opponent in Conor McGregor.

Before they each won featherweight gold in the UFC, the pair faced off in 2013, with Holloway being the first ever to take McGregor the distance in his career. Now, the Hawaiian makes it clear that he isn’t specifically looking for a rematch.

“Like I said before, I’ma say it again. That guy was the 2015 champ. This is called the year 2017 right now and I’m the champ,” Holloway said about McGregor. “If he wants to come back down, he can come and get it. But if not, it is what it is.”

According to Holloway, he instead wants to do what Conor hasn’t done, which is defend the featherweight belt.

“He’s a guy who is always looking over the fence, always trying to look for the next great thing or whatever. Demetrious Johnson, he finds this motivation to keep defending. It takes a special human being to do that, and that’s me. I want to defend my throne. I want my fans to know and love me because I want to defend this. I want to show I’m the champ.

“Come try to take over my village — off with your head, that’s what I’m going to do. This guy is always trying to look for the bigger thing, and that’s him. Good for him. At the end of the day, I’m not going to chase him around.

“I’m not going to talk about someone who isn’t talking about me. He gets to choose his fights, why will I cry or beg him to fight me? Get the hell out of here with that s—t. He should beg to fight me now.”

Holloway has said in the past that instead of begging for the “money fight”, he just wants to be the money fight. After beating the greatest featherweight in MMA history, that mindset hasn’t changed.

“I’m coming to the point where people are going to ask me to fight. I ain’t asking anyone to fight. I’ve got my throne. If he wants it, come see me.”