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UFC 212: Belfort vs. Marquardt full fight video highlights

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Check out the full fight video highlights of Vitor Belfort picking up the unanimous decision over Nate Marquardt.

The UFC’s #11 middleweight Vitor Belfort and longtime MMA veteran Nate Marquardt locked horns at UFC 212, with the Brazilian unanimously earning the nod. The opening round saw some tentativeness on both sides, with Marquardt scoring a fruitless takedown early on. The second frame saw Belfort land a thudding left hand that momentarily stunned his opponent, but despite a blitzing finishing attempt, Marquardt was able to recover. The third round saw Marquardt play a bit of a range game, pop-shotting Belfort a bit before the Brazilian turned it up late. Belfort began landing at the end of the 3rd round, and earned himself the unanimous decision victory.

Check out Tim Burke’s play by play of Vitor Belfort third round against Nate Marquardt:

Round 3 - Belfort with a hard straight left. Marquardt with some light kicks to keep range. Lots more feinting. Belfort is very inactive. Straight right from Marquardt. Body kick from Belfort, Nate returns one of his own. Two uppercuts from Vitor as Marquardt misses a punch. Head kick from Marquardt. Marquardt with a left hook. Belfort with a combo that backed Nate off. Belfort closes the distance but missed with two punches. Head kick from belfort. Jab from Marquardt. Hard right hook from Belfort and Nate’s bleeded. Belfort stuffed a shot. Head kick blocked. Left hook and Marquardt is backing off. Glancing head kick again from Belfort. Right hook from Belfort. Neither really do anything to the horn. 10-9 Belfort but 29-28 Marquardt.