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UFC OKC video: Tim Boetsch head kicks Johny Hendricks, finishes former champ with punches

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Check out the UFC OKC video highlights of Tim Boetsch mauling Johny Hendricks in the second round.

The UFC OKC co-main event witnessed Tim Boetsch put a middleweight beatdown on Johny Hendricks in the second round. The opening round saw the middleweights stand and bang it out, with Boetsch utilizing the Teep kick to the gut to hinder the forward pressure of Hendricks. Boetsch landed a heavy head kick to open the second frame, and never gave Hendricks a chance to recover. Boetsch uncorked his patented machine gun bump uppercuts, forcing Hendricks to go fetal mode, and prompting the referee to call the fight.

***It should be noted that Johny Hendricks missed the 185 weight limit, as he tipped the scale at a hefty 188 pounds.

Check out Tim Burke’s play-by-play of Tim Boetsch’s second round stoppage of Johny Hendricks:

Round 2 - Hendricks with a hard outside leg kick. Boetsch with a big head kick and Hendricks is hurt! Boetsch charges in and Hendricks is down! Boetsch pounds him out! WOW!

Watch Tim Boetsch slay Johny Hendricks at UFC OKC: