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Bellator NYC Video: Hyped prospect Aaron Pico gets finished in 24 secs

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Check out the video highlights from Bellator NYC’s shocking 24 second upset of Aaron Pico at the hands of Zach Freeman.

MMA: Bellator NYC-Pico vs Freeman Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Bellator NYC saw its fair share of upsets, including a spoiled debut for the highly scouted wrestling standout Aaron Pico, thanks to a swift 24 second club and sub at the hands of Zach Freeman. In the middle of throwing a jab-cross combo, Pico was clobbered with a well timed right uppercut from Freeman, which floored the debuting fighter. Freeman immediately dove on the neck, locking up a Guillotine and finishing the move from half guard. Although Pico did tap out, he fell unconscious as Freeman released the hold. What a tough debut for the super hyped up prospect!

Check out Tim Burke’s play-by-play of Zach Freeman’s club and sub of Aaron Pico:

Round 1 - Pico pressed forward and got caught with a big shot on the feet! Freeman dropped for a guillotine! It’s over! The vaunted prospect just got stopped inside 30 seconds!

Zach Freeman defeats Aaron Pico via submission (D’Arce choke), 0:24 of round 1

Check out Zach Freeman club and sub Aaron Pico in a sporty 24 seconds at Bellator NYC: