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Bellator 180 video: Despite many tries to cheat the scale, Sergio da Silva still badly misses weight

Forget “Towelgate,” Bellator 180’s Sergio da Silva did everything he (illegally) could to make weight.

A Bellator 180 preliminary card matchup between Matt Rizzo and Sergio da Silva was supposed to be contested at a 130 lbs catchweight. Da Silva was extremely over the limit, coming in at 137.6 lbs. It’s not that he merely missed weight, but it’s his humorous effort to try and not-so-subtly game the system in hopes that he’d be able to make 130.

It took two minutes for da Silva to get his official weight. He tried to tell New York State Athletic Commission (NYSAC) officials that he’d try and weigh-in later, but this isn’t a championship fight, so he can’t do that. Those who watched in-person were treated to Sergio putting one foot off the scale, keep his heels off the scale, and none of that actually worked. It turns out the NYSAC at least learned from Daniel Cormier’s Towelgate incident.

Newsday’s Mark Lamonica has the details on the status of this fight:

The Da Silva-Rizzo bout originally was scheduled to be contested at a 130-pound catchweight. It now becomes a 137.6-pound catchweight bout, said Danny Brener, a spokesman for Bellator. The New York State Athletic Commission approved the amended contract. Neither fighter will be fined, Brener said. Once Da Silva came in at 137.6, Rizzo needed to be within five pounds of him, per NYSAC’s rules for weight difference allowance, in order for the fight to occur. Brener said Rizzo was rehydrating before weighing in.

MMA Fighting later caught up with da Silva, who explained his antics and the difficulties with the early weigh-ins.

"It was obvious, there’s no reason to lie,” da Silva admits. "I was a little above the limit and tried to do… I’m a veteran, almost 10 years fighting, and I’ll try anything you can do to make a difference. There’s nothing else to say.

"You’re dehydrated, waiting to weigh in since 6 a.m., cutting weight,” he continued, guaranteeing would have made weight if he had used the extra hours. "I couldn’t do it, so I tried to ‘lose' something in the scale.

"I usually weigh in in the afternoon. I wake up, and I have my schedule of the day to cut weight. I didn’t even sleep last night cutting weight. It’s hard to weigh in at 9 a.m.. It’s good because you have more time to rehydrate, but it’s too early."

You can watch the video (courtesy of MMA Fighting) at the top of the page, and also check out the full Bellator 180/Bellator NYC weigh-in results in the link below.