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Michael Bisping: Dana White says Georges St-Pierre doesn’t want to fight me

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The hopes for a Michael Bisping-Georges St-Pierre middleweight title fight are fading by the day.

UFC 199: Rockhold v Bisping 2 Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

The crazy situation surrounding the UFC middleweight champion and the return of a welterweight legend continues to drag on, but a bout between Michael Bisping and Georges St-Pierre doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. Bisping and St-Pierre have already had a press conference to hype the fight, but injuries to both men delayed the proposed bout well into the fall.

That didn’t please anyone in the division (or fans for that matter), so UFC president Dana White decided to either delay or scrap the bout and allow Yoel Romero to fight Robert Whittaker for an interim 185-pound title in July.

Bisping and GSP have gone back and forth and both men seem interested in competing against each other still. But White has consistently shot it down, and apparently put things on St-Pierre in his last conversation with Bisping.

“The Count” explained the situation on his Believe You Me podcast (transcribed by Fox Sports):

“Right now, I’m still looking at GSP. I had a conversation with Dana White last week on the phone, he made me an offer — not for a fight — I will not reveal on here what it was but he made me an offer for something. I said what about GSP? He said ‘GSP does not want to fight.’

“I said well that’s not what I’m hearing. I said I’m hearing he wants to fight me, his coach told me that he wants to fight me. He said ‘if I could make the GSP fight happen, I’ll make it happen but he doesn’t want to fight you, I’m telling you.’

“So I don’t know what the f—k is going on out there.”

Bisping then sent out a plea directly to the Canadian legend:

“GSP, if you’re listening to this, make the call. I’m down. We did the press conference. I’m in 100 percent. Failing that, I will have to fight the number one contender. That is my duty as the champion but we’ve had the press conference for me versus GSP.

“For me, I’m still invested in that fight and I want to be part of a big fight and then I’ll take on the number one contender. But if we don’t make this fight soon, I’m going to be forced to move on because that’s what I have to do, that’s my duty.”