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Tim Hague’s opponent breaks silence: ‘I knew in the ring’ that something was not right

Tim Hague’s opponent Adam Braidwood says he knew that the former UFC fighter was already in critical condition inside the ring.

EXCLUSIVE: Professional Boxer Adam Braidwood talks candidly about Tim Hague who passed away Sunday night.. Hague passed away from injuries he suffered after getting knocked out by Braidwood.

‎Posted by CTV News Channel on‎ יום שני 19 יוני 2017

Tragedy struck in the Alberta, Canada boxing scene on Friday, when former UFC heavyweight Tim Hague suffered a brutal knockout loss to Adam Braidwood. After being in critical condition for two days, the 34-year-old fighter died from his injuries on Sunday.

Braidwood has not said a word about the incident, until Monday, when he appeared on the CTV News Channel for an exclusive interview. According to him, he already saw some signs of trouble right after he saw Hague fall from the knockout punch he threw in the second round of their fight.

“I knew, man. I knew in the ring. I just saw the way he fell,” an emotional Braidwood said.

Many have criticized the making of the fight, especially since Hague only had four professional boxing matches (1-3) coming into the matchup, while Braidwood already had eight (7-1). Most arguments that were also put forward were that the action should have been stopped earlier, when Hague suffered three knockdowns in the first round of the fight.

But for Braidwood, how it all transpired was inevitable, even if the tables were turned.

“Tim wanted to keep fighting, and that’s what we do,” Braidwood said. “If people have delusions about this sport, about what life is really like for someone like me, who has nothing else, they can walk in my shoes and see what it’s like. I would’ve done the same thing. And he would’ve done the same thing to me, trust me.”

Prior to the interview, Braidwood first broke his silence in a video he posted on Twitter, where he encouraged people to help out the Hague family.

I’ve made a statement because I didn’t know what to say or do that would help in any way. I spoke to the Hague family in private and offered my condolences, and I want to do the same now, publicly. I want to thank everyone for the support. All the kind words, it makes a big difference. This is really hard.

All the theatrics leading up to this, Tim and I were friends. We spoke beforehand. We just wanted to make a beautiful fight for everyone, and that what’s this is all about.

It’s one of those things that everybody’s telling me to celebrate, but nobody’s telling me to pick up Tim and carry him to the corner and tell him I love him. And I just want everyone to try and help Tim’s family. That’s what this should really be about, instead of leaving a comment.

Contact his family, and I know they set-up a GoFundMe account. Help them in any way that you can, and let’s try to leave it at that. Nobody wanted this.