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UFC Singapore results and video: Doane, Harris, and Tuck score first round finishes on Fight Pass prelims

Check out the results of the eight Fight Pass preliminary card bouts at UFC Fight Night: Holm vs. Correia in Singapore.

UFC Singapore Fight Night Photo by Suhaimi Abdullah/Getty Images

After a slow start in the first fights in the prelims of UFC Singapore, things soon started to pick up. Russell Doane, Walt Harris, and Jon Tuck all picked up impressive victories in the first round. Here is how all the action went down.

Lucie Pudilova def. Ji Yeon Kim via (29-28 on all cards) - Women’s bantamweight

As the first round began, Kim was more at ease fighting from boxing range. She was landing her straight punches and right upper cuts, which Pudilova did not have much answer to. Pudilova, however, finished the round strong by landing a superman punch.

The second round showed a more aggressive Pudilova, and had Kim backing down this time around. But soon enough, Kim began finding her range and landing her punches. Seemingly to slow the action down, Pudilova decided to fight from the clinch, but as as soon as they were broken up, Kim would once again land her combinations.

Pudilova wasted no time engaging the clinch in the third round, and was eventually finding more success within close range. In those clinch exchanges, the Czech fighter showed more offense this time, attempting guillotine chokes. Pudilova finished the round strong landing knee strikes to Kim’s head

Pudilova, who picked up her first UFC win, now holds a record of 7-2. Meanwhile, Kim, who was making her UFC debut, drops to a record of 6-1-2.

Naoki Inoue def. CJ de Tomas via unanimous decision (30-26 on all cards) - Flyweights (De Tomas missed weight by 5 pounds)

The exchange between both men was on a high pace as early as the first round. A more natural wrestler, De Tomas scored a takedown, but was easily shrugged off by Inoue. The scramble continues featuring Inoue’s creative grappling, switching from a guillotine to a rear-naked choke. De Tomas, for his part, was defending well, but the round ended with Inoue finishing strong with an elbow from up top.

De Tomas was seemingly exhausted by the action in the first round, to the point where he was more tentative with his attacks. Inoue, meanwhile, is more comfortable and loose, mixing up his punches and kicks. De Tomas attempted another takedown, only to be stuffed by Inoue, who in turn swung for a back take. Inoue once again mixed up his attacks on the ground, transitioning from a rear-naked choke, to an armbar, to a triangle choke. The round ended with Inoue hyper extending De Tomas’ elbow for a good ten seconds before the round ended.

Inoue continued to dominate the third round, being the superior grappler. De Tomas already looked tired, but continued to fight on. The round ended with Inoue finishing strong, as he once again landed elbows from inside the De Tomas’ guard.

Inoue was successful with his UFC debut, as he keeps an undefeated record of 11-0. De Tomas, meanwhile, suffers his first career loss and now holds a win-loss slate of 8-1.

Russell Doane def. Kwan Ho Kwak via TKO at 4:09 of round 1 - Bantamweight

Kwak opened up the fight landing a powerful leg kick that slightly staggered Doane. He continued on with these attacks for a while, as he aimed to inflict as much damage on Doane’s left leg.

But as soon as the fight went within close range, Doane seemed more comfortable, and he took advantage. From the clinch, he was able to land a knee, then followed it up with a one-two that dropped Kwak. With the Korean unable to defend himself intelligently, the fight was put to a halt.

Doane broke his two-fight skid with this win, and now holds a record of 15-7. Kwak, on the other hand, suffers his second straight loss, and now holds a win-loss slate of 9-2.

Li Jingliang def. Frank Camacho via unanimous decision (29-27, 29-27, 28-27) - Welterweight

Camacho looked to impose his power punching as he landed a hard right handed that slowed Li down a bit. “The Crank” followed it up with another hard left, which seemingly rocked the Chinese fighter. Li, however, began to slow down Camacho’s momentum, and scored a takedown with a minute left in the round. After maintaining back control, Li attempted a deep neck crank, and as Camacho was about to tap, the horn sounded to signal the round’s end.

Camacho seemed to have been tired by the action in the first, but continued to throw his knockout punches. Li, meanwhile, was more in control of the exchanges, both on the feet and one the ground. As the round progressed, Li was throwing hard shots of his own that were also making an impact on Camacho.

The same story went for Camacho in the third round. He was still throwing bombs, but continued to fight with his mouth open. “The Leech” was starting to take advantage of his opponent’s slower pace, and is connecting with his power shots as he switched stances. It was a more dominant round for Li, as Camacho was made to react and receive leg kicks as the time expired.

Li now improves to a record of 13-4, while Camacho drops to a slate of 20-5.

Ulka Sasaki def. Justin Scoggins via submission (rear-naked choke) at 3:19 of round 2 - Flyweight

It was a match-up that was most anticipated by many, given the clash of styles. Being billed as the striker for the fight, Scoggins showed some versatility by landing a big suplex to start the round. It was an exchange of strikes and scrambles, but it was Scoggins who was finding more success using his kicks. He was also able to negate Sasaki’s reach advantage by bringing the fight within clinch range. Scoggins finished the round strong with a ground-and-pound.

Scoggins continued to dominate on the feet in round two, landing another spinning back kick that dropped Sasaki for a second time. After a few scrambles on the mat, Sasaki was able to reverse the position and get full mount. He then transitions to the back to secure a rear-naked choke, and eventually get the tap, in a come-from-behind win.

Sasaki has improved to a record of 20-4, while Scoggins drops to a record of 11-4.

Alex Caceres def. Rolando Dy via TKO (doctor’s stoppage) at the end of the second round - Featherweight

The reach advantage of Caceres was evident, and rightfully, he chose to fight from the outside. In one of the early punch exchanges, Caceres’ left landed flush on Dy’s right eye, which had begun to give him vision problems, soon after.

From then on, Dy was fighting more tentatively, and was knocked down in the process. Caceres took advantage and got Dy’s back, locked in a body triangle, and went for Dy’s neck for a rear-naked choke. The Filipino fighter fought off what turned into a face crank, as the action restarted on the feet. Caceres finished the round strong, landing a knee strike.

Dy began the second round strong with a body kick, but continued to wince from the hit he took on the right eye. He even went up to the referee to give notice about his vision problems, claiming that he is somehow seeing double. Dy managed to get Caceres’ back at one point and attempt a rear-naked choke of his own, but to no avail. Both men continued to exchange strikes until the round ended.

The ringside doctor went on to interfere and talk with Dy, checking on the fighter’s vision. But soon after, he notified the referee of Dy’s vision problem, in which the latter decided to put the fight to a halt. A TKO win was awarded to Caceres, much to the heavy disappointment of Dy.

Walt Harris def. Cyril Asker via TKO (punches) at 1:44 of round 1 - Heavyweight

It was a quick yet spectacular performance from the heavyweights, particularly from Walt Harris, who had previously predicted a first round win for himself. “The Big Ticket” did deliver, winning by devastating elbows en route to a first round TKO.

As soon as the fight began, Harris was throwing with bad intentions, opening up with a hard body kick. Asker did land a right hand of his own, but Harris answered back with a strike earned him a knockdown. From there he never let up on the aggression, and continued to rain down elbows from up top, before the referee jumped in to stop the fight.

Harris now climbs to a record of 10-5, while Asker drops to a record of 8-3.

Jon Tuck def. Takanori Gomi by submission (rear-naked choke) at 1:12 of round 1 – Lightweight

Tuck landed a front kick to start the round that clearly hurt the veteran Gomi. After landing another hard front kick and throwing a few kicks to follow it up, Tuck took advantage as Gomi fell to the mat in pain. Tuck threw some hard punches from back control as Gomi remained helpless. The “Super Saiyan” eventually took full control of Gomi’s back, slid his hooks in and sank in the rear-naked choke, which Gomi was forced to tap to.

Tuck avenges his recent split decision loss with this win, and climbs to a record of 10-4. Gomi, meanwhile, lost his fourth consecutive fight, as he now holds a win-loss slate of 35-13, with one no contest.