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Bisping: I heard Chuck Liddell is ‘pissed’ after losing $1M a year UFC job, so he may go to Bellator

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Michael Bisping says he heard Chuck Liddell is unhappy after losing a lucrative job with the UFC.

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UFC hall-of-famer Chuck Liddell recently hinted at a return to competition after years of being retired. This has led to a bit of a public feud with Tito Ortiz on social media, before his former rival eventually apologized.

According to Michael Bisping, word is that Liddell is unhappy and “annoyed” with the UFC for firing him from his post-retirement job, and could be going to Bellator to compete because of this. The UFC middleweight champion did make sure to note that it was just something he “heard”.

“I’m in the circle, where people tell me things,” Bisping said on his Believe You Me podcast. “This is me putting out a disclaimer, if they hear me saying this, I can say ‘I said it was third hand information’, when really it might not be third hand information.

“Somebody at the weekend told me that Chuck Liddell is really pissed off, because he had a pretty sweet deal with the UFC when he left this job. He was an ambassador for the UFC. I believe he was on $1 million a year, that’s the number I heard.

“It was great that the UFC was doing that, but now of course, new UFC owners came in,” Bisping said. “I heard that Chuck was really pissed off, so that’s why he’s possibly going over to Bellator.”

Bisping also gave his thoughts about a possible return for the now 47-year-old.

“Can he compete? Should he comeback? The answer is no. Can he compete, and should he fight against Tito Ortiz? The answer is probably yes.”