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Video: Glory kickboxer Murthel Groenhart gets assaulted by ring intruders after KO win

Murthel Groenhart knocked Harut Grigorian at Glory 42 in Paris. That’s when things got crazy.

Screenshot of ESPN2 broadcast

Wild scenes at Glory 42 in Paris, France on Saturday. Welterweight kickboxer Murthel Groenhart took case of business with a second-round KO of Harut Grigorian. An uppercut and then a knee to the face by Groenhart seemed to put Grigorian on autopilot, and he sort of ... just stopped fighting. He turned his back and walked away, at which point Groenhart uncorked a massive right hand and that put Grigorian down and out cold. No count was necessary and the KO was indisputably legal.

That’s the good news for Groenhart. The bad news is a man stormed the ring and then socked him. Watch the video below, courtesy of GrabakaHitman.

Then a slow-mo replay shown by ESPN of one man landing a clean right hand to Groenhart’s face, followed by another man who’d joined in on the assault.

Grigorian’s trainer Nicky Hemmers pulled the fan away from Groenhart at the height of the mayhem, but not before the damage was already done. According to Groenhart in the post-fight interview, he believes he suffered a broken jaw during the attack.

It appears that post-fight assaults are all the rage these days, so this is just the latest brutal incident.