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UFC Glasgow video: Newcomer Galore Bofando explains his ‘Mugendo’ kickboxing style

New UFC signee Galore Bofando spoke about his call up to the big show, his fighting style and what people can expect from him when he clashes with Charlie Ward in Scotland.

WHOA TV sat down with new UFC signee Galore Bofando ahead of UFC Fight Night 113 in Scotland, where he’ll face Conor McGregor’s close friend Charlie Ward.

Bofando (4-2-0), who fights out of London Shootfighters, brings with him to the Octagon an array of spinning backfists, flying knees, and kicks and other assorted acrobatics akin to his teammate Michael ‘Venom’ Page.

Ahead of his Octagon debut, which takes place July 16th in Glasgow, Bofando talked about his unusual fighting style and his surprise call up to the big show.

"The Universe knows best, it’s not in my control,” Bofando said. “You didn’t choose to come to this world, therefore you don’t choose where you’re going to go. At the end of the day, the universe makes its decision and has made its decision.

Bofando hasn’t fought in two years, but said that “I have been keeping myself fit.” With his UFC debut already booked, he added, “I’m normally a fit person so getting in shape in three months is more than enough."

It's clear that Bofando is keen to wow audiences with his unique fighting style (Mugendo kickboxing) and he’ll be keen to ensure everyone watching will be well aware of his pedigree.

“We incorporate things like the raw aspects of martial arts,” Bofando said. “The roots like finesse, some kung-fu techniques, and things like that. We have all of that stuff, we’re not just generic.

"When you see us perform you see art straight away. Something that you will see in a movie… but effective. "

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