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Jorge Masvidal: Michael ‘B-tchping’ is ‘blatantly dodging other people’

Yoel Romero’s friend Jorge Masvidal doesn’t think too much of UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping.

Jorge Masvidal tells it like it is. The UFC welterweight isn’t a big fan of doing media and has made that clear through the years, but he’s always an interesting interview because he’s about as blunt as you’re going to get in terms of fighters. The ATT product was a guest on The MMA Hour this weekend, and as expected, he had some unique things to say.

After saying that his recent loss to Demian Maiaburns like a f--king STD”, the talk turned to his close friend Yoel Romero. Romero is the number one contender in the UFC middleweight division, but it seemed like a title shot had once again eluded him when champion Michael Bisping was booked against the returning Georges St-Pierre. Eventually things were sorted out and Romero will now face Robert Whittaker for an interim title in July, but Masvidal is still pretty salty with Bisping over the whole situation.

And as usual, he pulled no punches when talking about it (transcribed by MMA Fighting):

“I’m being the voice for the people that are frustrated with a lot of these cowards in this sport. I don’t got to spell it for you - people just blatantly dodging other people, that’s coward sh-t. You know what I’m saying? That’s hashtag ho status. It’s f--king mind-blowing.”

When asked if he was talking about Bisping, he stated that it was:

“B-tchping? Yeah, that’s who I’m referring to,” Masvidal responded. “But it’s not just him, there’s a bunch of dudes. It’s just, he’s probably leading the front,you know? He’s a frontrunner. And I don’t even want to talk about him on this show because I’m not going to make that dude famous. We’re not going to make that dude famous. Let him go out there, win some fights, let him generate his own name. I wasn’t even going to say that b-tch’s name.”

The 14-year veteran went on to talk about how things were in the old days, and accused Bisping of faking injuries:

“Back in the day, you used to have to fight three or four fights in one night with no dodging nobody, and that’s what the sport got built on,” Masvidal said. “And a lot of the guys who came in after they saw that had that similar mindset of just, compete and fight the best and keep winning.

“Nowadays it’s like, fight the guy that you can beat, or this and that. So, it’s weird, man. When you’re up-and-coming in your career, yes, maybe you have to dodge certain guys. ‘Hey, my wrestling isn’t good yet, let me get it on-point and then I’ll come back there,’ or, ‘I’m not going to fight that guy right now,’ because whatever, when you’re up-and-coming. But once you’re already at the top of your game, you’re in there, man. That’s it. There’s no dodging fighters. What’s wrong with you? That’s the biggest act of cowardice, faking injuries.”