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UFC Stockholm results: Alexander Gustafsson knocks out Glover Teixeira in final round

Alexander Gustafsson turned in a fantastic performance and finished Glover Teixeira in the final round of the UFC Stockholm main event.

UFC Fight Night: Gustafsson v Teixeira Photo by Michael Campanella/Getty Images

Fans at the Ericsson Globe in Stockholm were fully behind Sweden’s own Alexander Gustafsson against Brazil’s Glover Teixeira. The UFC Fight Night: Gustafsson vs. Teixeira main event was one-sided in Gustafsson’s favor, as his devastating uppercuts repeatedly took apart Teixeira. The toughness and heart of Teixeira was on full display, but Gustafsson’s striking was a class apart from his, and he capped off a sparkling performance with a brutal knockout win.

After some early round 1 clinch striking, Teixeira was able to throw Gustafsson to the mat, but Gustafsson did well to brace for impact and get back to his feet. Gustafsson landed a right hand and an uppercut on the chin of Glover. The fight had to be halted after Gustafsson poked him in the eye with his outstretched fingers on the left hand. Teixeira was asked if he could see and thus could continue, and he said yes. Gustafsson got in another strong right hand and then an uppercut. He was looking sharper and quicker than Teixeira, who was waiting for one power shot. Gustafsson frequently ducked under and retreated away from Glover when he came forward looking to land a knockout blow.

Teixeira communicated to his corner before round 2 that he couldn’t see out of the right eye which Gustafsson had poked. The dangerous uppercuts of Gustafsson continued to land at will and Teixeira’s nose was bloodied. Teixeira caught Gustafsson with a couple of long left hooks with Gustafsson turning his back and retreating. A spinning elbow by Gustafsson hurt Teixeira, then a brutal series of combination punching had him in big trouble. Teixeira survived the moment of danger and then worked the body. Glover caught Gustafsson with a good left hook but then ate a right elbow just seconds later. Gustafsson still had the upper hand on the feet.

A pinpoint precise four-punch combination (featuring two uppercuts) knocked Teixeira down in round 3. “The Mauler” looked for the finishing touches and Teixeira was in survival mode. Elbows rained down from top position and Teixeira was getting busted open. Incredibly, Teixeira swept him after the failed armbar attempt and was able to get back to his feet. Gustafsson took him back down, but Teixeira bravely returned to standing once more. More uppercuts scored for Gustafsson, along with the jab. Teixeira was throwing back but Gustafsson took them well and continued to pepper Glover’s face with lightning-quick punches.

Gustafsson fired off a body kick to start round 4. Teixeira returned with one of his own. In close, Gustafsson drilled Teixeira with an elbow to the side of the head. He went for a takedown but Teixeira defended it with one underhook. Gustafsson blasted Teixeira with another combination of punches on the exit. Teixeira popped out his jab and tried to claw his way back into the fight. Another head-snapping uppercut produced loud cheers from the crowd. Gustafsson was also noticeably attacking the body more. The Brazilian ate more uppercuts before the round ended.

Teixeira’s corner implored him to look for the finish, as they knew he was way behind on the scorecards. He cracked Gustafsson with a nice left hook but he needed a lot more than that. Three uppercuts in a row rocked Teixeira, then a final right hand put Glover down and out. The crowd went berserk as their hometown hero got the finish.

Official result: Alexander Gustafsson def. Glover Teixeira by KO (punches) at 1:07 of round 5

Gustafsson proposed to his girlfriend in the post-fight interview, and she said yes. It really was a special night for one of the best light heavyweights in the world.