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Kell Brook vs. Errol Spence live streaming results and round by round coverage

Get round by round results and full fight coverage here for the IBF welterweight title clash between Kell Brook and Errol Spence, live from Brammall Lane in Sheffield, England.

Kell Brook & Errol Spence Press Conference Photo by Mark Robinson/Getty Images

It’s a busy weekend for combat sports in Europe. In addition to KSW 39 in Warsaw on Saturday, as well as UFC Stockholm on Sunday, there’s yet another big boxing match taking place at a soccer stadium in the United Kingdom on Saturday. Fans will pack Brammall Lane in Sheffield to see local hero Kell Brook (36-1, 25 KOs) defend his IBF Welterweight (147 lbs) title against American standout Errol Spence Jr. (21-0, 18 KOs).

Breakdown: Kell Brook vs. Errol Spence Jr. fight preview and prediction

Brook is a top-class boxer who has defended his title (which he won by beating Shawn Porter) three times, albeit against not very good competition. He bravely went up to middleweight to take on Gennady Golovkin, but got the Josh Koscheck treatment and suffered a fractured orbital in his TKO loss. It’s back down to 147 he goes to take on “The Truth,” who has torn through his opponents, which include Chris Algieri, Chris Van Heerden, and Leonard Bundu. This is definitely the best opponent he’s faced by far, and we’ll learn a lot about the young knockout specialist.

Watch the live stream of George Groves vs. Fedor Chudinov at 4:30 PM ET/1:30 PM PT

This fight is on Sky Box Office PPV in the UK while Showtime will broadcast the fight live at approximately 5:15 PM ET/2:15 PM PT. Ring walks are expected to occur no later than 6 PM ET. The atmosphere should be superb.

Brook vs Spence Jr Fight Odds: Errol Spence favored to win title this Saturday

Join us here on Bloody Elbow for live round by round coverage of the fight. We will also provide results for the co-main event between England’s George Groves and Russia’s Fedor Chudinov for the vacant WBA super middleweight (168 lbs) title. That fight will be shown for free on Showtime’s Youtube and Facebook pages, which is pretty cool. Offer your opinion in the comment section!

Kell Brook (36-1, 25 KOs) vs. Errol Spence (21-0, 18 KOs) - IBF welterweight title

Round 1 - Spence with the southpaw jab. Feel our process in the opening stages. Decent left by Brook. Left to the body by Spence is blocked. He gets in close and works the body some more. Brook with a right but Spence gets another body shot to end the round. 10-9 Spence.

Round 2 - Quick left lands for Brook. And a straight right. Counter jab and a right by the champ. Hard jab by Spence. Combination punching by Brook. Spence eats a couple of shots well. Brook has been doing more throwing and landing. Spence is pressuring and he digs into the body but this was a Brook round. 19-19.

Round 3 - Good left hand by Spence and then a body shot plus a right. Brook tags him with a jab. Nice right hand by Spence. He has Brook up against the ropes and throws two body shots. Brook now goes to the body. Left hand by Brook may have partially landed. There’s a sharp right to the side of Spence’s dome. Brook closes the round strongly with a combination against the ropes, but I award the round to Spence. 29-28 Spence

Round 4 - Right hand from Brook at the center of the ring. a bit of an uneven pace to this. Two nice body blows and a right by Spence. He makes the Brit absorb more shots to the midsection. A counter left by Spence. Brook with a short right uppercut inside. Good left hook by Brook. Right hand by Brook and the crowd is becoming more vocal, Spence definitely got touched up. Spence with a right hook seconds before the bell sounds. 38-38

Round 5 - Lovely body shot by Brook. Spence tries to close the distance and clinches up. The referee separates them. Brook sneaks in a right after blocking a body shot. Nice left hook from Brook. Spence with a left to the body and then misses up top. A right hand by Brook connects flush. Spence with multiple power shots as he unloads some punches on Kell. Still a Brook round. 48-47 Brook

Round 6 - Spence gets staggered. He may have just lost his footing more than anything in a tangle, and now he goes in close and rips the body. They trade body shots in the center of the ring and then Brook fires an uppercut. Stiff jab by Spence. Good left by Spence. Jab and a right hook from Spence. Brook answers back with a right hand. Hard left that cracks Brook. Spence gets tagged now! Right hand and an uppercut by Brook! Spence with another stinging jab to close out the halfway mark of this fight. 57-57

Round 7 - Brook is doing the pressuring early on in the seventh. Jab by Spence but nothing else to follow it up. Brook misses on a long uppercut. Spence with another nice jab. They tie up and separate. Good shot lands for Brook. Left hook by Spence. Head-body combo by the challenger. Two lefts by Spence but Brook answers. Brook throws a right at the bell and it misses. 67-66 Spence

Round 8 - Spence with a 1-2 that backs Brook’s head up. They may have just clashed heads. Brook with several clean punches that crack Spence. Brook with a short left over the guard of Spence. Right hand over the top by Spence. Left cross by Spence. Great two-punch combo by Spence. Spence is starting to turn it up. Heavy body shot to Brook’s left side from Spence. Right hand by Brook to the top of Spence’s head. Straight right and a left hook by Brook. They’re letting their hands go! 77-75 Spence

Round 9 - Great work over the top by Brook early in the ninth. Spence with another series of body shots. Brook utilizing his jab. The referee has called time because Brook’s tape has come undone. Brook’s left eye is in bad shape in an otherwise gripping encounter. Big right by Spence! Brook’s activity is waning a bit. Four punches by Spence and I think two of them definitely landed. Right hook by Spence. Low shot by Spence. Brook may be hurt! Twenty-five seconds to go. Brook isn’t throwing anything back! Spence to the head and to the body! Crowd is worried and they have every right to be! 87-84 Spence

Round 10 - Spence sticks out the jab. Brook needs to dig deep here. Spence is pouring it on now! DOWN GOES BROOK! Brook is down on an accumulation of punches! He beats the count easily but how much more does he have left? Here comes Spence! Big left hand! Brook is in trouble! Spence is taking him apart! Brook throws back with two shots, bravely so! Brook is trying to come back. Spence is going to the body and he lands a right to that damaged eye. MASSIVE body shot by Spence. Brook turns Spence around and he throws a left and a right and catches Spence. Has Spence punched himself out?! Uppercut from Brook! He’s found something here. Brook survives the round! It’s 10-8 Spence and 97-92 Spence

Round 11 - Referee takes time because Brook’s tape has unraveled again. Spence with three body shots but Brook with a big punch that jars his head back! Errol returns fire and he is drilling him to the body once more against the ropes. Right hook by Spence may have hurt Brook. Kell is holding on! The eye is bothersome and he’s taken a knee without being punched! Brook may not recover. He’s up at 9 but Howard Foster has stopped it. Errol Spence is the new welterweight champion! What a fight.

Official result: Errol Spence Jr. (22-0, 19 KOs) def. Kell Brook (36-2, 25 KOs) by KO at 1:47 of round 11 to become the new IBF welterweight champion

Showtime-streamed undercard

George Groves (26-3, 18 KOs) def. Fedor Chudinov (14-2, 10 KOs) by TKO, round 6 to win WBA super middleweight title

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