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KSW 39: Khalidov vs. Mankowski weigh-in results and video

Check out the weigh-in results and some video clips for Saturday’s KSW 39 stadium show in Warsaw, Poland.

It’s all systems go for Saturday’s KSW 39 card at the Stadion PGE Narodowy in the Polish capital of Warsaw. The champion vs. champion main event features welterweight king Borys Mankowski against middleweight titleholder Mamed Khalidov at an 82 kilogram (roughly 181 lbs) catchweight. Also featured on the card is Mariusz Pudzianowski, as well as former UFC fighters Marcin Wrzosek, Sokoudjou, and Norman Parke. Popek Monster is also competing in what is a truly massive event expected to be watched by 60,000+ fans in attendance.

WHOA TV has a few videos from Friday’s weigh-ins, with some interesting staredowns for you to see. Full results (in kilograms, via can be found below:

  • (82 kg) Borys Mańkowski (81.9) vs. Mamed Khalidov (81.9) - Video at top of the page
  • (120 kg) Mariusz Pudzianowski (114.3) vs. Tyberiusz Kowalczyk (110.3)
  • (120 kg): Marcin Różalski (110.6) vs. Fernando Rodrigues Jr. (111.4) heavyweight title
  • (+120 kg) Popek Monster (123) vs. Robert Burneika (125)
  • (93 kg) Tomasz Narkun (93) vs. Marcin Wójcik (92.9) - light heavyweight title
  • (120 kg): Michał Andryszak (114.8) vs. Michał Kita (104)
  • (70 kg): Mateusz Gamrot (70.3) vs. Norman Parke (70.1) - lightweight title
  • (93 kg): Łukasz Jurkowski (93.2) vs. Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou (93.5)
  • (66 kg): Marcin Wrzosek (65.6) vs. Kleber Koike Erbst (65.6) - featherweight title
  • (84 kg): Damian Janikowski (84.4) vs. Julio Gallegos (84.85*) - Gallegos fine 30% of his purse for missing weight
  • (57 kg): Ariane Lipski (56.6) vs. Diana Belbiţă (56.5) - flyweight title