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Video: Russian fighter loses by TKO, mom gives him post-fight slapping

Here’s something you definitely don’t see every day in combat sports.

Screenshot from GIF

Fight Nights Global 67 went down on Thursday in Ekaterinburg, Russia, with former UFC fighter Diego Brandao getting a quick stoppage win in the main event (more on that later). The highlight of the entire card, which has made headlines outside of MMA media websites, was what happened at the end of the Viktor “The Lion of Pyatigorsk” Kichigin vs. Ruslan Yamanbaev fight.

Viktor is one of three brothers, all of whom compete in MMA and have their careers managed by their mother, Anna Azovskaya. As you can see in the video below, Anna is ... quite active with her cornering at cageside. Unfortunately for Viktor, Yamanbaev delivered a brutal beatdown and scored a ground-and-pound TKO win midway through round 2.

With her son bloodied and bruised, Azovskaya went into the cage post-fight and slapped Viktor silly.

As if he hadn’t taken enough shots to the head already!

As for the main event, Diego Brandao put a hurtin’ on Vener Galiev, destroying his foe in about 40 seconds.