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Rory MacDonald: The UFC ‘definitely messed up’ when they let me go

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Rory MacDonald talks about his career under the Bellator flag, and how different it is from when he was with the UFC.

The UFC may still be the most prominent MMA promotion today, but Bellator has been clawing its way to the top with the roster additions over the past year alone. In 2016 came one of the company’s blockbuster signings when they welcomed former UFC welterweight title contender Rory MacDonald.

Coming off of two consecutive losses, MacDonald was able to bounce back with a second-round submission victory over Paul Daley at Bellator 179 late last week in London. During his Monday appearance on The MMA Hour, “The Red King” says his former employers should take his departure from the company as a learning experience.

“Maybe [the UFC] should be a little more cautious on how easy they let things slip through their fingers,” MacDonald said (via MMAFighting). “Because, like I’ve tried to say in the past, fighters can’t always be on 24/7 every single time they step into the ring. So you have to allow for these performances that aren’t up to par, that you would normally see.”

“I think they definitely messed up when they let me go. That’s their fault and Bellator’s gain, you know?”

MacDonald has so far been completely satisfied fighting under Bellator, commending the company for its weigh-in procedures, down to the official gloves.

“Probably the best weigh-in procedure I’ve ever been through,” MacDonald said. “It was very comfortable and smooth the way they ran it. Didn’t give me any headaches as far as running around and suffering for a long time. I was very happy with the weigh-in procedure.”

“I’m not going to wrap my hands anymore. I realized I don’t really like doing it. It feels better,” he added. “Especially with the Bellator gloves, they’re a lot better than the UFC gloves for making a natural fit. It’s a lot more comfortable.”

With his win over Daley, MacDonald has positioned himself to fight the winner of the June 24th welterweight title showdown between Douglas Lima and Lorenz Larkin in New York City.