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Al Iaquinta: ‘I don’t give a f—k about Snoop Dogg, f—ng pay me’

Al Iaquinta is still raging about how he feels he is being treated by the UFC.

Majority of the UFC roster seemed to have had a good time at the UFC Athlete Retreat in Las Vegas over the weekend. But like Cris Cyborg and Angela Magana, it also seems to be a forgettable experience for Al Iaquinta.

Speaking to Ariel Helwani on Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour, Ragin’ Al questioned the entire existence of the UFC’s training center and having someone like Snoop Dogg perform during the retreat, which he tied up to his long-standing complaint: fighter pay.

“Why the f—k are they making a training center? I never got that,” Iaquinta said. “I never f—ng understood why you have concerts. Snoop Dogg went there? F—ng pay me. I don’t give a f—k about Snoop Dogg. F—ng pay me. I’m hurt, I’m tired, I’m done. F—k it! F—k you, how about that?!”

To his credit, Iaquinta does hold a five-fight winning streak, with four of those wins ending by knockout. Even after his two-year layoff, he managed to score a first round stoppage against Diego Sanchez in Nashville last April.

With that in consideration, Iaquinta feels he deserves what is due him.

“You can say whatever you want about whoever, they all get knocked out. Everybody,” Iaquinta said. The only guy that didn’t is Masvidal, and look where he is at right now.”

“This is what they don’t get: I’m the f—ng best. I’m the best. They don’t understand it. But what can I do? I knocked out everybody they put in front of me. I treat them the way they should be treated, I put them out. That’s it. And you’re gonna pay me f—ng bulls—t? F—k you!”

Iaquinta recently went on Twitter to push for a fight against number two-ranked Tony Ferguson. It seems like it is a matchup that he is heavily considering right now, as he once again called out “El Cucuy” right before signing off.

“Tony Ferguson, you little b—ch, I’ll f—ng knock you out so fast, you f—ng pussy.”