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Talking Pankronicles: The Making of Bloody Elbow’s Story of MMA

Nate Wilcox and John S. Nash sit down and discuss Bloody Elbow's newest series - Pankronicles.

Bloody Elbow has been hard at work on an ambitious new video series, Pankronicles, the Story of MMA. The plan for the series is to tell the full story of MMA, the well known and the untold, through the fighters and their martial arts disciplines. For our premier episode we started with the first UFC event in 1993, and how the Gracie's family history and the roots of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu led to that inaugural event.

The first episode has already been posted (and which you can see here). In advance of the soon-to-be released second episode, series co-writers and MMA history aficionados Nate Wilcox (Kid Nate’s MMA History) and John S. Nash (The Martial Chronicles) got together to chat about the making of the series, how and why they came up with the title "Pankronicles", the team Bloody Elbow has assembled to bring the project to life, the plans for future episodes, how MMA history is intertwined with that of pro wrestling, and in what other alternate realities does Ken Shamrock win UFC 1?

So if you like MMA and want to know more about not only the origins of our wonderfully whacky sport but also the making of our series chronicling its wonderful whackiness watch Wilcox and Nash’s discussion and then check out our Pankronicles playlist on youtube.

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