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Video: Muay Thai fight has double knockdown, one fighter recovers in time for KO win

Watch TUF alumnus Dorian Price involved in a double knockdown, only to return to his feet in time to win the Muay Thai fight.


Combat sports have graced us with yet another wonder of the world that is the double knockout, except this time, one fighter managed to make it to his feet to earn the victory.

At a Max Muay Thai event in Thailand, The Ultimate Fighter Season 6 cast member Dorian Price and Frenchmen Johnathan Lecat, both connected with clean strikes at the same time, sending the other man crashing to the canvas. Lecat landed a cracking right elbow while Price pounced with a right cross.

Without skipping a beat, the referee dropped to one knee to begin the double 10-count. It was Price who was able to respond first, and climb back to his feet, as Lecat was still snoozing from the well placed right hand. Once Price returned to a standing position, the referee waived off his 10 count, and continued counting for the unresponsive Lecat. The Frenchman was unable to recover, and Price raised both of his arms in victory.

Bloody Elbow spoke with Dorian Price following the KO victory, who had this to say:

“I really don’t too much remember it, but I’m glad everybody seems to like it. Normally, I get 3 days off after a fight, but I think after the response I might get a full week... I’m glad everybody was entertained.”

Watch Dorian Price use his resilience to win his Thai fight against Johnathan Lecat, courtesy of Twitter user @Jolassanda:

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