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Crawford dominates and Beltran destroys: Results, analysis, and KO video from HBO Boxing

Get results and analysis here from the HBO Boxing card headlined by Terence Crawford vs. Felix Diaz

Terence Crawford v Viktor Postol Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images

Get the results here plus post-fight thoughts on tonight’s HBO World Championship Boxing Crawford vs. Diaz card.

Terence Crawford def. Felix Diaz, TKO (R10, 3:00)

Terence Crawford vs. Felix Diaz went pretty much the way you expected it to go. Over the course of 10 increasingly brutal rounds, Crawford put a serious beating on the seriously overmatched Diaz. He was superb in his offense, working off the jab and mixing in body shots, power shots to the head, and pretty much anything he wanted. As he tends to do, Crawford gained confidence as the fight went on to the point that the final 2-3 rounds were seriously lopsided. This could easily have ended at least one round earlier.

That said, kudos to Diaz for giving it his all. He did have a few clean punches land, which is more than some Crawford opponents can say. Round 7 in particular saw him come hard and connect on Crawford - the trouble was, Crawford came back harder.

The question now is what next for Crawford? During the broadcast, HBO showed Julius Indongo in attendance - Indongo wears the only 2 major world titles at 140 pounds that Crawford doesn’t hold. A unification fight between the two makes sense. Crawford also called out Manny Pacquiao, saying that is the fight he wants. It seems highly unlikely, but would be a great fight if it could happen.

Ray Beltran def. Jonathan Maicelo, KO (R2, 1:25)

The show opener between Ray Beltran and Jonathan Maicelo was quite the fight. The first round was a mess, as a headbutt sent Beltran to the canvas, only for it to be ruled an official knockdown. That headbutt cut both men open, so the referee called it an accidental headbutt. How it could be both an accidental headbutt and a knockdown is a mystery, but there it is. To end the round, Beltran dropped Maicelo, but it wasn’t called.

Round 2 was a totally different animal, as Beltran promptly erased any possibly controversy by swiftly putting Maicelo down and out cold in a brutal KO. Maicelo had to be taken out on a stretcher, and while going out, was fighting the paramedics to get up and throwing punches. It was a scary scene as he was undeniably scrambled - HBO later reported that he had been admitted to the ER where he was conscious and communicating.

One final story of this crazy fight - Beltran came in quite literally fighting to stay in the US. As detailed on the broadcast, in the opinion of his lawyer, Beltran needed this win to prove he has the kind of special talent that qualifies him for a green card. With that win, he earns a title shot and the right to stay in the US with his family. That’s quite the story.

Here’s video of the KO: