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Video: Nick and Nate Diaz discuss how vegan diet helps their conditioning

Nick and Nate Diaz talk about eating their mainly vegan diet to Anthony Bourdain.

Stockton brothers Nick and Nate Diaz are two of the most well-conditioned athletes in MMA, with both fighters regularly competing in triathlons and ironman contests.

The fan favorites are known for their endurance and seemingly unlimited cardio, often breaking their opponents due to their unrelenting pressure in the Octagon.

Speaking to celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain on the latest series of Parts Unknown, the Diaz bros talked about how their mainly vegan diet helps with their conditioning and fight preparation.

"I was vegan for years... and I've been a vegetarian since I was 18 years old," Nick told Bourdain (h/t Brandon Friederich of MAXIM). "I just did better cutting weight when I was on a vegetarian diet."

"I ended up nice and light, and then I'd get stronger. Once [Nate] started fighting pro, he started doing the same type of thing."

Younger brother Nate, who is the only fighter under the UFC banner to beat Conor McGregor, also said he refrains from eating animal products and likes to eat at vegan and vegetarian restaurants when he's out in town.

Nick Diaz, who is also a raw food advocate, hasn't fought since his decision loss to Anderson Silva in 2015 — later overturned to a No Contest after Silva tested positive for steroids — but is expected to make a return later this year against a high-profile opponent.

Nate, 32, hasn't fought since he lost a majority decision to McGregor in last year's blockbuster rematch. Their headlining bout at UFC 205 smashed pay-per-view records, and the Californian is unlikely to return against anyone other than 'The Notorious'.

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