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The Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather betting line is getting closer

As Conor McGregor agrees to terms for a boxing match with Floyd Mayweather, the bettin line is moving in his direction.

UFC 205: Weigh-ins Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather saga continues. According to UFC president Dana White, McGregor and him have come to an agreement for the fight. Now they have to take their numbers to Floyd and get him to sign on the dotted line, which will likely be a difficult proposition. But as the fight inches closer to reality, so does the proposed betting line between the two men.

When the idea of the fight came to light just over a year ago, noted sports book Bovada (also known as Bodog) opened the line with Mayweather at -2000 and McGregor at +900. Other books followed suit with similar lines.

In the time since then, McGregor has slowly inched a little bit down in terms of how much of a dog he is. In February, you could still get him at +750 but most books had him in the +600 range.

Fast forward to today. That very book that opened the line, Bovada, now has the fight a whole lot closer (via OddsShark):

Mayweather -750

McGregor +475

That is, by far, the closest line out there right now other than Sportsbook, who has it -750/+500. You can still get McGregor as high as +760 on SportBet. So if you’re interested in betting on this proposed fight and think McGregor can win, now is the time to bet on it. Because the other books are likely to adjust their lines to reflect Bovada’s soon.