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Warning: Muay Thai fighter splits lip like Robbie Lawler and it’s extra gross

Muay Thai kick boxer Putok Tor Surat was competing at Rajadamnern stadium earlier this month when he picked up a brutal injury.

Muay Thai Kickboxing Camp Brings Hope To Thai Orphans Photo by Kristian Dowling/Getty Images

Back at UFC 189 Robbie Lawler went to war with Rory MacDonald. It was a battle of wills, a battle of durability, a fight for the ages. It also gave fans a couple of gut churning post fight images to contemplate. On the one side was MacDonald’s pulped face and nose. Blood smeared, offset, crushed into a whole new shape.

On the other side was Robbie Lawler’s lip. Lawler split his upper lip in the bout up toward his cheek; a nearly inch long gash that gave the impression you could see his gums with his mouth shut.

MMA: UFC 189-Lawler vs MacDonald Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Well, now there’s a new contender for the ‘hall of gruesome lip injury fame’: Muay Thai fighter Putok Tor Surat. Apparently Tor Surat picked up his own version of Lawler’s horror show at an event earlier this month in the Rajadamnern stadium.

Photo below, be warned... it’s gross.