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WME repped Blake Lively to star in MMA-themed movie ‘Bruised’

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New UFC owners are continuing their push for MMA in Hollywood.

'The BFG' - Red Carpet Arrivals - The 69th Annual Cannes Film Festival Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

The new UFC ownership group in WME-IMG has been pushing Mixed Martial Arts in the entertainment industry, with their latest salvo being an MMA-themed movie called ‘Bruised’.

The film will star Blake Lively, who is best known for her roles in hits such as The Shallows and Gossip Girl. It will be directed by Nick Cassavetes, who will be branching out from previous projects such as The Notebook and My Sister’s Keeper.

Both figures are represented by WME. Cassavetes was also originally set to write and direct the remake of Road House, which was supposed to star Ronda Rousey, until the project was shelved.

News was first reported by Deadline (HT: Sherdog), and the film’s plot is as follows:

Lively will play Jackie, a single mother working two jobs and a disgraced MMA fighter who has been up against the ropes her entire life. When the authorities threaten to take her young son away from her, she must get back in the cage for one last chance to fight for redemption and give her son the life she always wanted.

The movie is targeted to start filming in September, and is currently being pitched to foreign buyers in Cannes.