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Video: Blazing quick head kick KO in amateur bout

A brutal finish on the regional scene that you have to see to believe

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You’d be forgiven for not knowing that an MMA event took place in Searcy, AR over the weekend, but sometimes the smallest shows can provide MMA’s wildest moments.

Jordan Fowler took on Dylan Goforth at Pyramid Fights 2 in an amateur contest slated for a 195lb catchweight. The fighters squared off and circled briefly, then Goforth... well... went forth as Fowler launched a picture perfect left kick to the head. Goforth was immediately slept, lands on his back and remained with his arms outstretched and tense.

It was a short night at the office, to say the least.

Here’s the video courtesy of Twitter’s own Grabaka Hitman:

It should be noted that this was Goforth’s first and only loss in his brief career. He had two wins to his name with his last win at the previous Pyramid Fights event in late January (which he won by submission). Despite being his only setback, it’s as dramatic a loss as you’ll find on the regional amateur circuit. For his part, Fowler is an officer with the Jonesboro Police Department. This win also appears to be a record for quickest knockout in the entire state of Arkansas.

Welcome to internet notoriety, Mr Fowler. It’s a magnificent way to introduce yourself.

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