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Judo Chump: Alaska Fighting Championship fighter brings the heat

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The unique fighting style of Alaska Fighting Championship welterweight Wylder Clarion gets the Bloody Elbow Judo Chump treatment.

UFC Fight Pass screenshot of AFC 132

As fans of the sport and this site know by now (as well as anyone that tranes UFC), we strive to see the very best compete against each other utilizing varied strategies and expressions of combat.

Dearly beloved, that’s not why we’re here today.

An odd bit of MMA action appeared on social media recently courtesy of Twitter user Grabaka Hitman, as Patrik White took on a man soon to become an internet legend, Wylder Clarion, in the welterweight division. The bout took place this week at Alaska Fighting Championship’s Lopez vs. Faavale card last Wednesday, and it showed Wylder being... wild. Or something.

See, this is more about the defense than anything else. Clarion relies on his hand speed to parry incoming attacks, then remembers to shift to the right to continue parrying. He manages to try some offense of his own. He darts forward with some jabs and parries, most done with the same hand. Shades of Pernell Whitaker abound, as his deft movement appears to have confused his opponent.

The real mystery is at the 2:07 mark on the fight clock, as Clarion appears to be winding up to launch a much-feared attack in MMA, the hadouken. We’ve seen the motion mimicked in the past for great effect, such as this masterpiece by former WSOF and UFC fighter Shane Campbell. Clarion appears to have cancelled the attack to move on to a body shot with his right hand.

What we’ve never seen is the attack fully implemented in real life. While we understand the importance of pulling back so as not to cause deathly injury to an opponent, we may have been robbed of seeing the true potential of what could have been a history-making moment.

For now, this fight will live on in its own with a different kind of history.

In case you’re wondering, Clarion was dropped by a right hand from Whyte and the fight was stopped by the referee as he got back to his feet. Seconds before the finish, the analyst said of Clarion, “This gentlemen needs to work in his gym. He needs to get a gym.”

As was the reward for all winners on the card, Whyte received a certificate for one case of Monster Energy Drinks, redeemable at the Coca Cola Bottling Company in Anchorage. You can watch the entire event (if you have a UFC Fight Pass subscription) by clicking on this link.

Note: We at BloodyElbow have nothing but utmost respect for fighters, and we admire their dedication to their craft and the sacrifices they make to participate in a grueling sport. We do this in the spirit of levity, and not with any malicious intent.