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UFC 211 post-fight bonuses: Miocic, Sherman among $50K winners

Check out our breakdown of the post-fight bonuses from UFC 211: Miocic vs. Dos Santos 2, in Dallas, Texas. We tell you who won, who didn’t, and why.

MMA: UFC 211- Miocic vs Dos Santos Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas was home to a great night of fights, with five (T)KOs, one submission, one no-contest, and just five decisions, including two split-decisions. We also saw yet another controversial finish during the great Alvarez vs. Poirier fight because of the disunified rules of MMA.

Performances of the Night: Stipe Miocic and Jason Knight

Stipe Miocic avenged his loss to Junior dos Santos in emphatic fashion tonight, getting the TKO in the first round. JDS spent the fight with his back against the cage and Miocic stalked him, throwing hooks to cut the Brazilian off and finally, inevitably, he landed. As dos Santos tried to circle out, Stone Cold Stiopic launched a right down the pipe and finished it with ground-and-pound as JDS turtled up. Miocic earned himself $50K and the record for most UFC heavyweight title defenses.

Jason Knight and Chas Skelly put on the fight everyone expected them to. The first round saw a triangle attempt, an omoplata attempt, a gogoplata attempt, a kimura attempt, and a bunch of punches. The second round saw a bunch of kicks. Then punches, then submission attempts, then punches. The third… you get the idea. This was all action, all the time. It was such a great fight not even the ref wanted it to end, and he let Chas Skelly take way more shots than necessary at the end of the bout. That finish, being the first time Chas Skelly has ever been stopped, earned Jason Knight a cool $50K in bonus money.

Fight of the Night: Chase Sherman vs. Rashad Coulter

Chase Sherman and Rashad Coulter had one of those rock-em, sock-em robot back and forth battles filled with drama and violence. The first round saw Sherman kick Coulter’s leg so hard he started fighting like a pirate. The second round saw Coulter try to fight back like only a one-legged man in an ass kicking contest can.

The crazy part is, it almost worked. Sherman got blasted with some huge shots, and looked Houston Alexander levels of exhausted by the time we got halfway through round two, and an improbable comeback didn’t seem to be in the cards. Then, Sherman launched an elbow straight into Coulter’s dome and separated his consciousness from his physical being. Chase Sherman and Rashad Coulter’s meat suit both walked away fifty grand richer for their efforts.