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UFC 211 results: Frankie Edgar stops Yair Rodriguez in one-sided beatdown

Former UFC champion and perennial featherweight contender Frankie Edgar destroyed Yair Rodriguez at UFC 211 in Dallas.

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

In a battle of accomplished veteran vs. rising prospect, Frankie Edgar and Yair Rodriguez went to battle at UFC 211 in Dallas, Texas. The prospect was no match for the former champion, who dismantled Rodriguez to the point where the fight had to be called off due to the grotesquely swollen left eye.

Edgar blitzed Rodriguez early with quick combination punching on the inside. Rodriguez connected with a knee to the body and a leg kick. Edgar tagged Rodriguez and Yair looked to be a little buzzed by it. Rodriguez was taken down by Edgar, whose guillotine attempt was unsuccessful. Frankie got in quality ground-and-pound when postured up, while Rodriguez was moving his legs around in search of a submission. Edgar was pounding Rodriguez with hard elbows and his heavy base prevented the Mexican from getting up. Pure domination by “The Answer.”

Rodriguez’s left eye was almost swollen shut from all the first round damage. The corner did not put any endswell on it. Edgar got another takedown early in round 2 but had to fend off a leglock. He transitioned to a kneebar but Edgar escaped, and continued busting up the eye. Edgar had full mount and then back mount. Rodriguez tried to scramble to a better position but Edgar’s elite BJJ skills were too much. Edgar targeted the other eye with elbows. Yair kept throwing his legs up in search of a submission, to no avail.

The damage to Rodriguez’s left eye was too much for the doctor to allow it to go on, and while Rodriguez said he could see, the fight ended before the third round could start. A consummate performance by one of the greatest mixed martial artists of all-time. Rodriguez suffers his first loss in the UFC, and it was a wipeout.

Official result: Frankie Edgar def. Yair Rodriguez by TKO (doctor stoppage) at 5:00 of round 2

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