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TJ Dillashaw calls for flyweight title bout, but Demetrious Johnson isn’t interested

With Cody Garbrandt questionable, T.J. Dillashaw is asking to drop down for a title bout with Demetrious Johnson.

MMA: UFC 207-Dillashaw vs Lineker Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

UFC bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt is currently nursing a back injury that leaves him questionable for a July title defense. After hearing about this, challenger T.J. Dillashaw is now looking to drop down to flyweight for a bout against top pound-for-pound fighter, Demetrious Johnson.

Should the bout push through, Johnson would be looking to break Anderson Silva’s record of 10 title defenses, while Dillashaw would be trying to play spoiler and become a two-division champion himself.

While that sounds like an intriguing match up to many, the event is approaching, and the flyweight champ doesn’t seem too interested in the match up.

“There's other challengers in the division with more wins and on a winning streak,” Johnson told MMA Fighting. “This wouldn't be a super-fight because TJ is not a champion. He's just a 135er coming down to 125 to skip the line that other flyweight competitors have worked hard to climb.

“Now, if he was a champion, there’d be something there.”

Dillashaw has since responded, saying he’d be by far a bigger money fight than any of the other flyweights.

“First off, I believe Joseph Benavidez is the rightful contender. Since he is out with an injury and it looks like I'm out of a fight as well, timing is presenting the opportunity to fight the best pound-for-pound and stop him from breaking records,” Dillashaw said.

“No one wants to see him fight someone he's beaten or never heard of to break the record. He's the pound-for-pound king so let's make this interesting.”