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Jon Jones to Daniel Cormier: ‘I beat you after a weekend of cocaine’

Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier ramped up their rivalry even further at a press conference today, battling over prostitutes, cocaine, and even scuffling backstage.

If you thought Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier had said everything they wanted to say to each other already over their multi-year rivalry, well, you’d be very wrong. The two men partially stole the show today at the UFC’s Summer Kickoff press conference by first getting into a scuffle backstage before they even went out, then verbally lambasting each other whenever they got the chance.

It started with Cormier explaining the backstage incident (video and transcription via MMA Fighting):

You know what happened behind the stage? He’s a b-tch,” Cormier said.

“He’s a b-tch and he said something about my kids, so I smacked him in the face with a water bottle. B-tch ass ni--a. You know what you are. He just said he’s back, right? But is he back? Doesn’t he have two more months of suspension? Is he back? Is he really back? Are you back junkie?”

Jones threw a few quips back in response. But Cormier kept up the heat:

“So, I’m sitting here, and I see him. Like, I see him. He’s over there. But is he really going to be in Anaheim?” Cormier said. “Is this guy really going to go to the fight? Is this guy going to mess this up again by doing steroids or snorting cocaine or sandblasting prostitutes. What’s this guy going to do to mess this up this time?”

Then Jones probably dropped the line of the presser (other than sandblasting prostitutes, of course):

“Prostitutes? I beat you after a weekend of cocaine.”

“I had two great weekends. Back-to-back weekends. Cocaine one, your ass the next. It was great. That’s a month for the ages.”

He continued his salvo, not giving Cormier any credit for what he’s done while Jones was out of the cage suspended:

“You know what? Daniel Cormier has shown me absolutely nothing since our last fight,” Jones said. “He has not progressed whatsoever. Anthony Johnson gave him that win.”

Of course, Cormier wasn’t going to let that go without a response:

“At least I’ve been around to show something,” Cormier responded. “Where the f—k has he been? Where’s this guy been? Where the f—k has he been? Get out of here, judging someone from the sidelines. Go back and sit on the couch in Albuquerque. Where the f—k have you been to judge someone?”

They then yapped some more during the face-off, with Jones bringing out his own belt and a whole lot of security getting involved.

The two men will (hopefully) meet in the main event of UFC 214 on July 29th.