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Video: Daniel Cormier had to be restrained from going after Jon Jones pre-UFC presser

A lot of words were exchanged between Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones during the UFC’s ‘Summer Kickoff’ presser, but they two light heavyweights were already going after each other before the event even started.

Daniel Cormier & Jon Jones scuffle UFC summer kickoff press conference - screencap upload

Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones don’t like each other. That’s not exactly news, but in a world where dislike is often manufactured or, at the very least, ramped up when the cameras are watching. Just how much Jones and DC dislike each other is pretty notable.

All of this started back in 2014, when Cormier became the number one contender for Jon Jones’ light heavyweight title. The two men took what seemed to be an instant dislike to one another, even getting into a brawl at a press conference leading up to their cancelled first bout at UFC 178. Despite having only met in the cage one time, they’ve maintained a constant animosity, helped in part by two more scheduled bouts that fell apart. Now they’ve got another one brewing and that means more time spent together in the same places. So far it’s not going well.

UFC lightweight Michael Chiesa was taking some pre-presser video before the UFC’s ‘Summer Kickoff’ event when he caught DC and Jones going at it, over what appear to have been some remarks from Jones about DC’s family.

Cormier can be seen being restrained as he tells Jones over and over again “Don’t mention my kids.” While Jones responds by telling Cormier to, “shut up.”

Eventually, while being ushered away from Jones, DC leans out and tells him, “Hey, I don’t know who you think you’re playing with,” and warns Jones against mentioning his children again. For Jones’ part he says he’s “going to when the curtain goes up.”

As we’ve seen before, unlike most fighters Jon Jones and DC seem to go after each other even more when they think the cameras aren’t rolling. Now fans just have to hope this fight stays together for UFC 214 in July.