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Paige VanZant responds to criticism of her self-filmed Reebok video

Paige VanZant isn’t bothered by fighters and fans that decided to tease her about her self-made Reebok social media video.

MMA: UFC Fight Night-VanZant vs Waterson-Weigh Ins Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

If you want to get under Paige VanZant’s skin, responding to her social media posts isn’t the best way to do it. The UFC women’s strawweight fighter recently made a bit of a ripple on social media when she posted a self-made video showing off some Reebok gear. Some fighters and fans found it to be too provocative, or just plain silly, so they made fun of it.

But Paige doesn’t care.

In an interview with MMA Fighting, she said that she hadn’t seen any of the criticism and explained why she posted it in the first place:

"Actually, I haven’t seen anything that people responded, so I post things and just kinda forget about it,” VanZant said with a laugh. "Definitely it was funny. I never anticipated that kind of reaction, so I had no idea. My manager, my mom, somebody told me about it. But, no, I just thought it was funny.”


"I pretty much kind of do whatever I want,” she said. "It was me being funny, I thought."

The 23-year-old VanZant (7-3, 4-2 UFC), a runner-up on Dancing With the Stars last year, also caught some flak for deleting the video after some of the criticism popped up. But the Reebok-sponsored fighter claims that she’s not even the one that deleted it:

"No, I didn’t even delete it,” VanZant said. "Somebody else, I don’t know how. I think my mom deleted it, so it’s my mom being a mom."

At least she had Chris Weidman in her corner - he posted a tribute video of his own to ham it up a bit.