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UFC 210 Video: Mousasi: I’m being ‘screwed’, offers are ‘not even close’ to what I deserve

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Gegard Mousasi says his demands aren’t “extreme”, but the UFC hasn’t even come close to what he deserves.

Gegard Mousasi Photo by Anton Tabuena Anton Tabuena

Gegard Mousasi, who has long been known for his calm and stoic demeanor both inside and outside the cage, has recently voiced out his opinions much more. Heading into free agency, the 31-year-old recently spoke about how absurd it is that he is getting paid far less than many of the fighters he has already beaten.

“When you get screwed, you’re going to say that,” Mousasi told MMA Fighting about why he has been more vocal as of late. “After this fight, I’m going to get paid. I’m going to beat him just because I need to get paid, not because I need to beat Weidman. I don’t care about that.”

Mousasi’s UFC 210 bout against Chris Weidman will be the last on his contract, and he says the UFC made an effort to renew his deal before it was completed.

“A couple of months before, and last week, they came up with a contract (offer). We didn’t like it,” he said. “This week, they wanted to have a contract negotiation, but I’m in fight week. I’m not going to do contract stuff.

“Not even close,” Mousasi said about how far the figures were from what he believes he deserves. “They should pay me more. I’m worth more. I don’t have extreme demands, they should pay me what’s fair.”

Mousasi says he personally would like to stay in the UFC and go for the title because he is “so close” to it, but he also admits that the dollar figures has to make sense first.

“The pay is more important. Who talks about former champions who retired? No one remembers them. They’ll all forget them. There’s only like Mike Tyson, or maybe an Anderson Silva or Muhammad Ali that they still talk about. I just need to fill my pockets.”

Everything said, Mousasi knows to focus on the task at hand first.

“I have to perform at the end of the day. Once I perform, I can have demands. If I lose the fight, it is all for nothing, so let me win the first fight, and I’ll have a big mouth.”

Before even becoming more vocal about the money he deserves from MMA, Mousasi has long spoken about being smart about his investments, working on real estate, and having a steady cash flow outside of the sport.