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Rafael dos Anjos on Tarec Saffiedine match: 'Just the fight I needed'

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Former lightweight champion, Rafael dos Anjos, is excited for his welterweight debut against Tarec Saffiedine.

UFC 190 Weigh-in
Rafael dos Anjos
Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Former UFC lightweight champion, Rafael dos Anjos, is eager to return to the Octagon and for his welterweight debut as he prepares to take on former Strikeforce champion, Tarec Saffiedine. As Dos Anjos shared with Combate, he feels like that is the perfect fight for him at the moment.

"I think Tarec is a tough guy, a former Strikeforce champion and a top 10 welterweight. It's just the fight I needed. Saffiedine defeated big names, it'll be good for me to get a win over a top 10 opponent.

“I'll have to start all over again. That much is clear in my mind. I'll have to rebuild everything I built at lightweight and it couldn't be better than facing a former Strikeforce champion for my debut. I'll be able to show everyone I came to this weight class to stay."

Rafael dos Anjos will take on Tarec Saffiedine on the main event of UFC Fight Night 111, in Singapore, on June 17.