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Masvidal: St-Pierre should beat Bisping, but let’s see if USADA has any effect on GSP

Jorge Masvidal is curious to see if Georges St-Pierre will look the same with USADA in the picture.

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Cerrone vs Masvidal Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Georges St-Pierre will be facing Michael Bisping at a future date, and one of the top welterweights today in Jorge Masvidal has weighed in on the topic. Interestingly enough, ‘Gamebred’ says GSP’s performance could depend on the UFC’s new anti-doping policies that weren’t there when he last fought.

“It could be a really good fight. I think GSP wins it, if it’s the GSP of old,” Masvidal told BJ Penn Radio. “I’m not saying he ever did or didn’t, but a lot of fighters act different after USADA. So we will see if USADA has any effect on GSP or not, because I think the old GSP would easily handle to GSP. He would’ve able to take him down, time him, outbox him even with his jab, get on his legs and take him down.

“Let’s see if USADA has anything to say about GSP.”

It’s interesting to note that one of St-Pierre’s constant demands when he decided to go on a hiatus, was to have a better drug testing policy. He has pushed for having a more even playing field, and has stated that USADA being involved is one of the reasons for his comeback as well.

It is understandable for Masvidal or others to be skeptical about most fighters these days. But although he didn’t really flat out accuse him of cheating, it’s a bit unfair to state that GSP performing badly would be because of USADA.

Oddsmakers have this bout almost even, stating that despite St-Pierre being far more popular, most still think it could go either way because of the difficult style match up with Bisping. There’s also the fact that GSP will be fighting 36-years-old, after almost 4 years of not competing. There’s just not many who have successfully come back from that long a layoff, let alone do it against a much bigger champion from a higher weight class.