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Al Iaquinta continues Twitter madness, calls out Swanson and Gaethje, skewers Dana White

Ever since he missed out on a performance bonus, Al Iaquinta has been tearing up a variety of UFC fighters and officials on Twitter. He has now proclaimed himself the new president of the UFC.

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Iaquinta vs Sanchez Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Some fighters don’t live up to their nicknames. There are lots of Pitbulls and Warriors and Assassins, but how many of them really suit the person they’re associated with? Fear not though folks, because there is one UFC fighter that has a nickname that describes him perfectly - Ragin’. As in Ragin’ Al Iaquinta.

Iaquinta knocked out Diego Sanchez in under two minutes in his return to the cage last week in Nashville, but failed to win a performance bonus for his efforts. He was very unhappy with that, and took to Twitter to bluntly tell the UFC what he thought of that decision. Since then, he has continued to lash out on the social media network, notably going after former opponent Kevin Lee and one of his favorite targets, Sage Northcutt.

He then got involved in a war of words with the guy that won the performance bonus over him, welterweight Mike Perry.

Last night in a stream of tweets, Iaquinta declared himself the new President of the UFC, humorously called out featherweight Cub Swanson and Justin Gaethje, and kept picking on Perry, Lee, and Northcutt along with taking shots at UFC president Dana White. He also did it in a tone very similar to the way US President Donald Trump tweets, which added a whole new layer to the amusement:

Iaquinta somehow called out Swanson because of some tickets that WME-IMG had provided to him for Stagecoach. When a fan asked if Iaquinta had got his, he said he’d fight Swanson for them. The two men then engaged in a funny round of minor smack talk:

Then it was back to the Trump-style tweets again, acting as the new UFC president:

Gaethje actually responded to this one:

White then became a target again for a little while:

And of course, one final parting shot at a man he has threatened to stuff in a locker in the past, Northcutt:

While some fans may not be amused by all of this, I personally find Iaquinta to be hilarious. We’ll have to see how much longer the talented lightweight, who is on a five-fight win streak in the UFC, will keep it up.

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