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WWE star Kane transitions to politics with mayoral bid

The long-time wrestler plans to run for mayor of Knox County. 

WWE Smackdown Live Tour in Durban Photo by Steve Haag/Gallo Images/Getty Images

Glenn Jacobs, widely known as Kane the ‘Big Red Machine’ to millions of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) fans, will try his hand at politics.

Standing seven-feet-tall and armed with a chokeslam, the long-time WWE superstar plans to leave his mark outside the ring when he runs for mayor of Knox County. As first reported by the New York Daily News, Jacobs, recently filed the necessary paperwork to start the mayoral bid.

The 49-year-old who once identified as a libertarian will run as a Republican to replace incumbent mayor Tim Burchett in 2018.

“I think the most important thing is I care very deeply about this community, like a lot of people do,” Jacobs told WBIR in 2016. “And that’s the only reason I would consider getting into any sort of government because I do care very deeply. And I think it’s incumbent upon people who care about the communities to try to make a difference.”

Jacobs isn’t the first wrestler with political aspirations. WWE Hall of Famer Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura served as the 38th Governor of Minnesota between 1999-2003. Jerry “The King” Lawler also tried his luck to become mayor of Memphis I 2009, though was unsuccessful in his bid. Bob Backlund also ran for a Congress seat in Connecticut in 2000, but came up short. As for Jacobs, he ws first approached about a political career in 2014, when tea party groups reportedly wanted Jacobs to “challenge U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander in the Republican primary,” which he eventually opted not to do.

Jacobs began his wrestling career in 1992 but achieved fame as the Kane character during the infamous Attitude Era in the WWF (now WWE). He won a total of 23 WWE championships during his tenure, including three world title reigns.