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Anderson Silva: Chris Weidman’s ‘luck ran out’ at UFC 210

Anderson Silva reacts to Chris Weidman’s controversial TKO loss at UFC 210 against Gegard Mousasi.

Former UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva Holds Press Conference Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Chris Weidman’s claim to fame was his two stoppage victories over firmer long-time middleweight champion Anderson Silva in 2013. The first one was attributed by many to Silva’s knack of clowning around during fights, while the second was due to a nasty broken suffered by “The Spider” from a checked kick.

A good number of fans would still argue that Weidman “got lucky” during both instances. Quite unexpectedly, it is a sentiment that Silva shares and believes to this day.

“Weidman is a very lucky guy, and this time he wasn’t lucky,” Silva told MMAJunkie. “He’s very lucky, but his luck ran out. He had some luck for a while, and now it’s over.”

As for the outcome of the UFC 210 co-main event fight between Weidman and Gegard Mousasi which was heavily disputed, Silva agrees fully with the decision.

“I quickly saw a clip the guys showed me on their phones. The rule is very clear: He didn’t have his hand on the ground,” Silva said. “So, he was kneed and the knee was legal. The rule is clear. If he has his hands on the ground, four points of contact, you can’t hit him. Mousasi lifted him off the ground when he was hitting.”

“It was the ref’s mistake, obviously, and when he put his hands back there, he was defenseless.”

Silva is slated to be part of the UFC 212 card on June 3rd in Rio de Janeiro. His opponent, however, has yet to be determined.