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UFC 210: NYSAC says instant replay was legally used during Weidman vs. Mousasi

The New York State Athletic Commission has issued a statement saying that instant replay was allowed to be used during the controversial Chris Weidman vs. Gegard Mousasi bout at UFC 210.

MMA: UFC 210-Weidman vs Mousasi Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The co-main event of UFC 210 ended up being one of the most confusing situations in the long history of the UFC. Gegard Mousasi and Chris Weidman were engaged in a spirited and important middleweight bout in Buffalo when Mousasi landed a knee to Weidman’s head while Weidman appeared to be touching the mat with both hands. Referee Dan Mirgliotta stopped the action thinking it was illegal, and tried to figure out exactly what had just happened.

The veteran referee spoke to the outside referee, John McCarthy, who consulted instant replay and deemed the knee to be legal. After a delay and some interaction with doctors, the fight was waived off and Mousasi was awarded a TKO win. The major problem with this though was that on the UFC broadcast, UFC head of regulations Marc Ratner said that instant replay could not be used in New York, which muddied up the situation to a huge degree.

Well, it seems that Ratner was wrong and that New York can use instant replay after all. The New York State Athletic Commission issued a statement to MMA Fighting, stating that the referees did the right thing in the situation:

“Mr. Weidman was determined to be unable to continue the match due to legal blows received, resulting in a TKO. In New York State, it has been held that the Commission may review video evidence in order to meet its obligation to render correct determinations and act in the best interest of the sport.

“After the referee initially ruled the strikes from Mr. Mousasi illegal, he consulted with the alternate referee during the physician assessment of Mr. Weidman and determined that the knee strikes by Mousasi were not illegal. During the examination of Mr. Weidman by Commission medical staff, it was determined he was medically unfit to continue and the referee ruled a TKO victory in favor of Mr. Mousasi.”

According to the MMA Fighting article, it wasn’t just Ratner that was unaware of this - several UFC officials didn’t know either. Now that we know what the commission has to say about it, it apparently clears up some of the confusion. It remains to be seen if Weidman and Mousasi will immediately rematch each other after all this has come to light.

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