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BJJ champ Rodolfo Vieira shows how weigh-in ‘towel trick’ works

With Daniel Cormier’s towel controversy during the UFC 210 weigh-ins, BJJ champion Rodolfo Vieira shows how it actually works.

Screengrabbed from Roan Carneiro’s Instagram page

Before his win against Anthony Johnson at UFC 210 on Saturday, Daniel Cormier stirred up some controversy during the weigh-ins. The current light heavyweight champion managed to make the 205-pound mark, just two minutes after tipping the scales at 206.2 pounds.

For a couple of minutes, the title fight rematch between “DC” and “Rumble” was in jeopardy. But after Cormier successfully made weight, rival Jon Jones immediately called him out for a “blatant foul play,” branding it as “one of the dirtiest things he’s seen in sports.”

“Bones” particularly pointed out how Cormier could have possibly manipulated the weigh-ins by grabbing onto the towel and using it as leverage to move his weight away from the scale. But apparently, it is a trick that actually works, as shown by four-time Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu world champion Rodolfo Vieira.

With the help of UFC welterweight fighter Roan Carneiro, Vieira initially stepped on the scale weighing at 220 pounds. But after briefly stepping out and stepping back in, and now holding onto the towel, Vieira suddenly tipped the scales at 217.4 pounds. All it took was 15 seconds for what Carneiro called as the “best diet ever.”

Cormier responded to Jones’ “dirty” allegations by calling out the former champion’s Cialis use.