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Anthony Johnson: If I decide to come back one day, Jon Jones and I can fight at heavyweight

Anthony Johnson is not completely closing his doors on a fight against Jon Jones.

UFC 210 was a deja vu moment for Anthony Johnson, who was finished by the exact same method by Daniel Cormier. After the fight, “Rumble” surprisingly announced his retirement from the sport at 33 years of age.

Many, including Cormier, believe that Johnson is still in his prime and could still match up well with the top fighters in the division. But one fight that most fans wanted to see was between Johnson and former long-time 205-pound champion Jon Jones.

During his Octagon interview with Joe Rogan, Rumble spoke to Jones who was sitting at ringside, saying that a fight between them could happen in the next life. But during Johnson’s post-fight presser, facing “Bones” could be a possibility if he decides to come out of retirement. He also offered a more interesting stipulation.

“Day in and day out, people are always talking about Jon Jones and myself fighting each other, and it just never happened,” Johnson said. “Maybe if I decide to come back one day, we can fight at heavyweight or something like that.”

Johnson’s MMA career took off further after he was cut from the UFC. Upon his return to the company in 2014, he went on a 6-2 run, with the two losses against Cormier. Now officially retired, Rumble seems satisfied with the legacy he has left behind.

“(I want to be remembered as) just the guy that went out there and went all out and just never gave up,” Johnson said. “And even when I was down and was getting stepped on and kicked and things like that, I still kept going.”

“I didn’t win all of my fights, obviously, but I went out there and did my best, and I think people appreciated what I did for them, and what they saw in me out there. I hope that I made a lot of people happy and excited to see me fight.”

“Not many people can go through hell and back like I did and still rise to the top,” he continued. “I didn’t win a title, but I was still knocking at that door. Nobody can say they did what I did.”