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Georges St-Pierre says new contract makes himself and the UFC ‘unhappy in a way’

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Georges St-Pierre gave a little bit of insight on his new UFC contract, while giving major props to a top welterweight fighter.

Georges St-Pierre has only been back in the UFC officially for a short amount of time, but he has been given a lot to talk about already. The state of his old welterweight division took a major hit with a terrible title fight at UFC 209, he has a contract with the promotion that apparently made both sides “unhappy”, and he got into a major verbal confrontation with next opponent Michael Bisping at a recent press conference to promote their bout.

As a guest on The MMA Hour today, he got to vent on all those subjects. The first was his new contract, which he made it seem came about sort of begrudgingly:

“To tell you the truth, it’s not exactly what we really wanted, it is still a little bit below what we really wanted in the beginning. But for UFC, it’s more than they were willing to give me, is what they said. So we both are unhappy in a way, which is the middle ground line, so I guess it’s a good thing. It’s like a settlement in court. If both parties are unhappy, I guess it’s a good thing.

“That’s how it is. Also, the love for the sport, I wanted to be back, the emotional side of it made me accept the deal. I don’t regret it, I am happy. But if you ask me if it’s what we originally wanted, no, it’s not, it is a little bit below. But it is still very good money, very close. We both made concessions on each part, not just one one side, but both sides and that’s why the deal was done.”

The topic then turned to the 170-pound division, where GSP had major praise for one of the top guys in the division. You’d think it’d be Stephen Thompson, who he has trained with extensively, despite his stinker of a fight on Saturday. But no, it was Brazilian submission specialist Demian Maia. St-Pierre believes he will be the welterweight champion one day:

“There is a guy in the welterweight division that I see, to me, if I have to make a prediction, I believe he will be the champion. I don’t like to see past things but I think, as he is right now, Demian Maia is very, very skilled. I see him as a very big threat right now for the title. I think he’s going to win over Masvidal, and I think he’s going to win over Woodley if he fights him. He’s older, but he’s in his prime right now. I think he reached the perfect timing between physical and mental in his game. He’s just so good at what he does. He’s like the blade of a katana. I think his blade is very sharp right now, it’s perfectly polished. He’s going to be very hard to stop right now.

“He finished Carlos Condit. Nobody has ever done that the way he finished Carlos Condit. I was shocked. I was like ‘Oh my God, what the hell is this?’ And he still doesn’t have a title shot?”


“I was shocked. He did something that has never been done before. And I remember Carlos Condit, when he fought Robbie Lawler, I thought Condit was going to win the decision. So for me, I’ve been shocked the way Demian Maia has been performing lately. It’s just amazing.”

St-Pierre and Bisping don’t have a firm date for their bout yet, but it will take place in Las Vegas.