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UFC 209: Woodley vs. Thompson 2 main card live results, discussion, play by play

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Live, blow-by-blow updates for today's UFC 209 main card, which will have a welterweight title fight between Tyron Woodley and Stephen Thompson on top.

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Join us today on Bloody Elbow for live results, discussion, round scoring and play-by-play as UFC 209 goes down in Las Vegas.

We were expected to have a double main event tonight featuring two title fights, but one has been bumped off the card. The headliner will stay the same, with UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley defending his title for the second time against Stephen Thompson. The new co-main event will see Lando Vannata taking on David Teymur.

This portion of the play-by-play covers the main PPV card. Also featured on the PPV is Rashad Evans' middleweight debut, and a big heavyweight scuffle between Mark Hunt and Alistair Overeem.

The prelims kick off at 7pm ET/4pm PT with two bouts on UFC Fight Pass. They then move over to Fox Sports 1 at 8pm ET/5pm PT for the other four prelims bouts. The prelims are covered in a separate post. The five-fight PPV kicks off at the normal starting time of 10pm ET/7pm PT, which we'll cover here. The full lineup and schedule follows. Check out this week's MMA Vivisection for predictions, analysis and betting odds on the each match up.

Mark Hunt vs. Alistair Overeem

Round 1 - Hunt with a hard leg kick to start. Overeem threw a right as Hunt threw another kick. Hunt's shin is bleeding from a checked kick. Side oblique kick from Overeem. Low leg kick from Overeem too. Hunt with a sumo charge. Hunt rips to the body with another kick. Overeem with two front kicks to the body. Overeem with a right. Overeem fakes a takedown attempt. Overeem tried to kick and Hunt knocked him off balance with a right.Overeem continuing to kick the calf. Another power kick to the body by Hunt gets blocked. Overeem misses with a left hook. Overeem clinches briefly and lands a knee. Overeem runs, then covers up against the cage as Hunt unloads. 10-9 Hunt.

Round 2 - Front kick to the body from Reem. Spinning back kick from Reem. Nice straight left too. Hunt kicks the body. Overeem misses with the front kick to the face. Spinning back fist from Alistair. Hunto's nose is bleeding. Nice step-in knee. He pushed him against the cage and landed two more to the gut. They stalled out in the clinch. Two more knees to the body before they break. Overeem showing a lot more aggression in this round. Hunt with a huge step-in elbow! Overeem is hurt! Overeem backs up and Hunt clubs him with a right! Overeem clinches up though. Overeem rips him with a short elbow and a knee to the body. They both connect inside. Overeem with a steady stream of knees to the belly. Another elbow from Hunt. 10-9 Overeem.

Round 3 - OVereem with a left hook. Overeem straight runs away from Hunt when he moves in. Overeem clinched up. Massive knee from Overeem demolished Hunt with another! HE'S OUT! FACE PLANT!

Alistair Overeem defeated Mark Hunt via KO (knee), 1:44 of round 3

Cynthia Calvillo vs. Amanda Cooper

Round 1 - Cooper catches Calvillo coming in early. Calvillo with a leg kick. And another. Nice jab/leg kick combo. Cooper had a head kick caught and Calvillo took her to the floor. Cooper spun out and landed an upkick. She popped to her feet and looked for her own takedown but Calvillo reversed. She has an anaconda choke. Spins around to the back with hooks. Very, very nice. Body triangle. Calvillo gets the arm under the chin with a choke. Cooper almost fought it off, but Calvillo rolled her on her belly and forced her to tap. That was extremely impressive work on the ground.

Cynthia Calvillo defeated Amanda Cooper by submission (rear naked choke), 3:19 of round 1

Rashad Evans vs. Daniel Kelly

Round 1 - Rashad with a straight right. Kelly with a long right. Rashad with a high kick that got blocks. Kelly with a solid left hook. Another one lands. Evans is just paying and staying on the outside. Kelly caught him again. Wow. Evans scoops a single and takes the back. Kelly up quick though. He looked for a throw but Rashad bailed. Evans with a beautiful uppercut. Kelly with a hard straight left. Another uppercut from Evans. Two more lefts as they exit the clinch for Kelly. Rashad landed too though and he has a cut on his nose. They jockey for position in the clinch. Evans ripped the body with a kick. 10-9 Kelly.

Round 2 - Kelly is hooking the front leg with his foot and throwing lefts. Interesting. Evans is mostly able to defend though, and lands a straight right. Kelly with a hard left hook. Evans with a right and he looks for a takedown. Evans with a big knee up the middle. Rashad poked Kelly in the eye and there's a short break. Evans lands a nice right. Evans with a body kick. Kelly chases with a winging right. Evans avoided a straight left with some head movement. The second get s through though. Evans scooped a single and took the back, just like the first round. Kelly spun away though. Kelly with a body kick. Evans with a head kick that just missed. Kelly grabbed him and moved him against the cage briefly. Evans goes to the body again. 10-9 Evans.

Round 3 - Kelly looked for a trip. Nice inside leg kick from Kelly. Nice straight right and an uppercut from Evans. Another eye poke, but referee John McCarthy didn't stop it. Kelly with a nice sneaky trip. Body kick from Rashad. Kelly with two straight lefts. Rashad with a nice jab. They're both connecting inside. Kelly with an uppercut. Rashad misses with a head kick but lands a straight right. Kelly fires back with an uppercut. Evans blocks a judo throw. Another uppercut from Kelly. Body kick from Evans. Shovel hook connects for Kelly. He keeps trying the trip. Evans grabbed his shorts to try to get a takedown, and gets warned for it. Evans with a hard uppercut. Kelly fired back. They brawl to the horn! That was close. I'm going to go 10-9 and 29-28 Evans.

Daniel Kelly defeated Rashad Evans by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

David Teymur vs. Lando Vannata

Round 1 - Teymur with two kicks to the body. Vannata is the aggressor but not throwing a ton. Nice inside leg kick from Teymur. Vannata with a jumping switch kick to the arm. They engage in close. Both men are very fast. Vannata catches a kick and lands a straight right. Holy crazy cartwheel kick from Vannata! They're brawling in the pocket! Teymur is hurt! He's almost down against the fence, but he recovers quick. Two nice lefts from Teymur. Teymur with a jumping knee to the body and a left. He's bringing the pressure now. More leg kicks. Spinning back kick to the body from Vannata. Teymur with a hard head kick that's blocked. Teymur with a leg kick. Vannata shoots in and looks to take his back but Teymur is back up. Hard elbow from Vannata, Teymur with a right that does some damage. They brawl a bit. Mini-cartwheel kick from Vannata. That was fun! 10-9 Vannata.

Round 2 - Low sweep kick from Vannata to start. Video game style. Body kick caught by Teymur. Vannata getsa right through. Teymur landed a body kick right as Vannata landed a hard straight right down the middle. Three hard knees to the body from Teymur, and Lando just walks away. Vannata caught a kick and hit a spinning wheel kick of his own! That was cool! They both landed hard again at the same time. Teymur with a nice long left. Teymur with a head kick. Superman punch from Teymur! Vannata even nodded at that. Teymur with a takedown! Rogan's voice went really high because he was super surprised at that. Vannata with a right, and a head kick. Vannata with another straight right as Teymur lands a left hook. Vannata misses with a spinning kick. Teymur with three more massive knees to the body and a huge left hook. Vannata just takes them again. Ridiculous. 10-9 Teymur.

Round 3 - Vannata with a spinning back kick. Teymur with a combo. More ripping knees from Teymur. Nice combo too. Teymur with an inside leg kick that got caught. Teymur with another body kick. Now to the inside of the leg, and a high kick. Teymur charges in and gets clubbed with a straight left. Vannata started kicking the inside of the leg too. Hard combo from Teymur. He scoops a single and gets a brief takedown. Hard elbow to exit a brief clinch. Vannata with a straight right. Teymur with another brief takedown. Hard right hook from Vannata. Head kick from Teymur. Huge combo again. And he went back to scooping the single. He's disrupting Vannata's rhythm with all these takedown attempts. Teymur rips to the body and another takedown attempt. 10-9 and 29-28 Teymur.

David Teymur defeated Lando Vannata by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Tyron Woodley vs. Stephen Thompson

Round 1 - Thompson closing the distance but not throwing yet. Woodley comes charging forward with punches, but nothing connects. Wonderboy with a head kick that's blocked. Lots of feinting. Really not a lot going on three minutes in. Woodley misses with a right. Outside leg kick from Woodley. Thompson flurries with a combo that connects. The crowd is quite unhappy with he lack of action. Outside leg kick from Woodley. Thompson with a leg kick, Woodley with a counter right. 10-9 Thompson.

Round 2 - Woodley whiffs on a long right. Woodley with a body shot and a right to the head. Not very hard though. Wonderboy with two straight lefts as he backed Woodley into the cage. Side kick from Thompson. Jab from Wonderboy. Woodley with a right as he presses forward. That cut Wonderboy a bit. Thompson with a side kick. Head kick. Side kick to the abs from Wonderboy. Outside leg kick from Woodley, but Wonderboy responded with a body kick. 10-9 Thompson.

Round 3 - Jab and outside leg kick from Thompson. Woodley FINALLY charges in for a takedown. He backs Thompson to the cage and gets him to the floor. Woodley has complete control of Thompson with an arm trapped behind his back. Thompson gets his arm free and he's up with 2:45 to go. Woodley with a knee. Thompson clubs him in the clinch and they separate. Woodley's right back up against the cage. Wonderboy with a left to the body. Wonderboy with a straight left. The pace is dying again. This isn't a good fight. Thompson to the body. Body/head for Thompson. Woodley with a right that backs Thompson up. Thompson continues to work the body. Nice left hook by Wonderboy. 10-9 Woodley.

Round 4 - Woodley wades in and connects with a right. And another. Straight right from Wonderboy, and a side kick. Woodley with a body kick. Hard straight left from Wonderboy. Spinning wheel kick from Thompson connects, but not super hard. Still a sloth-like pace. The crowd is booing again. Straight left from Thompson. Woodley fired back with a right. Woodley trying to work the body. Wonderboy rips him with a right head kick. Woodley got the arm up, but it landed hard. Combo from Thompson. Woodley with a body kick. 10-9 Thompson. This is dreadful.

Round 5 - Woodley finally pressuring a bit. Thompson circling. Woodley's still not throwing though. Thompson with a side kick. Woodley with a right but Thompson landed a counter kick to the stomach. Low leg kick from Thompson. Woodley looked for a takedown but wasn't even close. Woodley misses with a three-punch combo. Thompson goes to the body. Jab from Thompson. Wonderboy to the body. And a head kick. Woodley with a right but it didn't land hard because Thompson was circling out. Inside leg kick from Thompson. Woodley charges forward again but Thompson parries him. Woodley dropped him! Finally! He's all over Thompson on the ground but Wonderboy is up! Wonderboy is circling away and the horn goes! The last thirty seconds were the only action of the fight! 10-8 Woodley. I have it as a draw again. 47-47.

Tyron Woodley defeated Stephen Thompson by majority decision (48-47, 47-47, 48-47)