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UFC 209 video: Embedded, part 5 - ‘He look like little stupid, nervous guy’

Check out episode five of Embedded for UFC 209.

UFC 209 Embedded is back for part five, just before the drama that went down with Khabib Nurmagomedov. This episode looks at the weight cutting for the guys at the top of the card, but obviously it didn’t go so well for one of the four competitors.

It starts off with Tyron Woodley’s head trainer Din Thomas, who clowns around a bit before Woodley describes his workout that combines martial arts with cutting weight.

Things move to Khabib, who briefly talks about the weight cut. Foreshadowing.

Ultimate Media Day is next - Woodley warns Tony Ferguson about talking about winning the 170-pound title. Stephen Thompson talks about winning the title. Ferguson and Khabib trade jabs even though they’re nowhere near each other. Then it’s face-off time with Dana.

Khabib wants El Cucuy to take off his glasses. Tony Ferguson with a very telling statement after the staredown - “Have fun with that weight cut.”

Tyron and Dana White pose for a selfie and make fun of each other for being drama queens. That was pretty funny.

Then Georges St-Pierre shows up! He gives props to Khabib.

And that’s it.