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Michael Bisping frustrated with GSP, thinks he’ll ditch MW belt to aim for McGregor

Michael Bisping still hasn’t seen a bout agreement to fight Georges St-Pierre and he suspects that if GSP does win the MW title, he’ll just ditch it for a shot at the welterweight belt and then at Conor McGregor.

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When the UFC announced that Georges St-Pierre was officially back in the fold, and that he’d be fighting Michael Bisping for the middleweight title, it was clear that the actual bout wasn’t going to be happening right away. Georges hadn’t taken a pro bout in years, he was going to need time to put a proper camp together, especially if he was going to make a real go of beating middleweight champion Michael Bisping.

But how much time? When exactly is he going to be ready and when is the UFC going to schedule the bout? Those are questions even Bisping is looking to have answered, as he recently revealed on his SiriusXM radio show The Countdown, that he hasn’t heard word one about the fight since the press conference almost a month ago (transcript via MMA Fighting).

“Since the press conference, I haven’t heard a thing. It’s been radio silence. So I’m just getting a little frustrated with the whole situation. I’ve had no bout agreement. If you’re training for a fight, you’ve got to target your weight you’ve got to structure other things in your life, other opportunities that might come your way that you have to turn down. You’ve got to start planning it all, and July really isn’t that far away.”

And even if the fight does manage to get booked by this summer, Bisping doesn’t see GSP sticking around the middleweight division, win or lose. The current middleweight champion, feels like ‘Rush’ has a set plan to go from middleweight to welterweight and then down to lightweight for a big money bout against Conor McGregor.

“Here’s what I think GSP’s plan is. He comes back, he fights me, he beats me. In the time that takes, Demian Maia beats Jorge Masvidal then he fights Tyron Woodley. [St-Pierre] believes - because he said this - that Maia beats Woodley. Then, from him fighting me, he fights Maia, relinquishes the 185-pound belt, then he goes for the 170 belt. He fights Maia because stylistically it’s a good fight for him because Georges is a great wrestler and he’s very, very accomplished at jiu-jitsu. I think he can do what I’m going to do to GSP, stop his takedowns and win the fight on the feet.

“Then from there - he’s spoke about this - then he’s gonna relinquish that and then fight Conor McGregor for the lightweight belt. That is his master plan, I guarantee it. And if he can pull it off, then he would definitely go down as the greatest mixed martial arts fighter in history.

“I do think that after that, he’s gonna fight at his weight class - 170 - and then go for the big, big money fight against Conor, which would be almost as big as, maybe, Conor vs. Floyd. That would do bigger numbers than Conor vs. Nate Diaz. It would be massive.”

Of course, as any fighter will tell you, it’s rarely a good idea to look too far ahead in MMA. Amanda Nunes had here eyes on becoming a two division champion, right up until it turned out that Cris Cyborg wasn’t actually going to get suspended. And while McGregor has broken the mold with his run from featherweight to welterweight and back down to lightweight, most others who have talked about following his path lately have ended up doing little more than talking.