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Bisping recalls funny first meeting with Nate Diaz: ‘He puts the two fingers up and walks off’

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Michael Bisping’s first experience with Nate Diaz unsurprisingly involved Diaz swearing and flipping the bird in front of a group of people.

UFC 199: Rockhold v Bisping 2 Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

Many MMA fighters have interesting personalities, but few have the kind of reputation that the Diaz brothers have. Win or lose, inside the cage or outside, both Nate and Nick always have something to say and it should come as no surprise that many other fighters have had memorable interactions with them. One of those is UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping, who says he had a very humorous first meeting with Nate.

Bisping talked about it on his podcast:

“The first time I met Nate Diaz, I was in Denver. There was a UFC event there and I was in for fight week doing some stuff. I was scheduled to fight Jason 'Mayhem' Miller, we were in Denver promoting the fight. I was in the elevator and Nick Diaz - sorry, Nate Diaz - walks in. I’m like 'Hey Nate, how you doing' and we shake hands briefly.

“No conversation, it was just one of those elevator rides, there was a few other people in there so everyone is standing there, kind of looking at the ceiling or whatever, waiting for the ride to pass. And then the doors open. Nate gets out, and just as the doors are shutting, he leans back in and goes 'Oh, I forgot man. F—k Miller!' and puts the two fingers up and walks off. And I just thought that was hilarious, it was great. I just thought 'Okay, I like this guy. He's cool.'“

For some context, this likely would have been during fight week before UFC 135, which took place in Denver in late September 2011. Mayhem and Bisping were scheduled to fight in December, and Diaz was set to fight Takanori Gomi on that Denver card. This was about a year and a half after the famous Strikeforce brawl in Nashville, where Mayhem walked into the cage to confront Diaz teammate Jake Shields after he beat Dan Henderson - and Shields’ whole crew, including Nick and Nate, beat the crap out of Miller in one of the wildest scenes in MMA history. And on national TV, no less - it was the second and last time Strikeforce ever aired on CBS.

So you can understand why Diaz wasn’t a big fan of Miller, and why he expressed that opinion to another fighter he had just met in typical Nate fashion. Just another great story to add to the Diaz mystique.