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Jon Jones is officially a free man today

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Former UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones is officially off probation today.

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Former UFC light heavyweight kingpin Jon Jones hasn’t had the smoothest run during his career, thanks, in large part, to repeated run-ins with the law and recently, USADA. The most severe incident occurred in 2015, when he was involved in a car accident with a pregnant woman, fleeing the scene before police could arrive.

He was charged and later pleaded guilty to one count of leaving the scene of an accident, resulting in 18 months of probation and a deal to give 72 public appearances directed at kids with the focus being on the importance of good decision-making.

As of today, Jones is a free man. His 18-month sentence has been served, and according to a report from TMZ, a rep from the Bernalillo County DA's office has stated that the 72 appearances were also completed, making Jones’ punishment phase a thing of the past.

Jones is currently serving a one-year suspension for failing a drug test this past summer for metabolites of the drugs clomiphene and letrozole. His suspension is retroactive to July 6, 2016—the date of the test. Jones will be able to compete any time after July 6, 2017, so it’s likely we could see him on the annual mid-summer card for International Fight Week.

If you’d like to know more about Jones’ current suspension, please read this amazingly detailed explanation of all things surrounding his encounter with dodgy “dick pills” by our own Iain Kidd.

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