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Brock Lesnar’s attorneys file motion to dismiss Mark Hunt lawsuit

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Similar to UFC president Dana White, Brock Lesnar’s attorneys are seeking to throw out Mark Hunt’s lawsuit against them.

UFC 200: Tate v Nunes Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

Back in January, UFC heavyweight Mark Hunt filed a RICO lawsuit against the promotion, Dana White, and Brock Lesnar stemming from Lesnar’s drug test failures around their UFC 200 bout that Lesnar won. He made a lot of claims in there, including one that the UFC was involved in a “criminal conspiracy” to profit “to the detriment of the health and safety of all fighters and to the detriment of fair competition”.

In terms of Lesnar specifically, he believed that the UFC conspired to keep the WWE superstar out of the USADA testing program initially, and let Hunt fight him “with knowledge or willful indifference” of Lesnar’s doping.

Today, Lesnar’s attorneys responded, seeking to dismiss the lawsuit without the ability to refile.

MMA Junkie has a few exerpts from the 30-page document:

“Plaintiff’s complaint is so devoid of any facts to support his RICO and fraud claims that it would be almost impossible for Mr. Lesnar to respond.”


“Plaintiff’s RICO claim is so incredibly deficient as to defendant Lesnar, that it is difficult to know where to even begin. As an initial matter, plaintiff lacks standing to bring this claim, because he does not even allege the type of injury that is covered by the RICO statute.

“Furthermore, as to defendant Lesnar, the complaint fails to plead long-term criminal activity, fails to plead a predicate act, fails to adequately plead intent, fails to adequately plead fraud, fails to adequately plead false pretenses, fails to adequately plead the requisite pattern of activity, and fails to adequately plead a conspiracy within the meaning of the RICO statute.”

This is similar to actions taken by White, who filed for a similar motion to dismiss late last month.

Lesnar returned from a five-year hiatus to fight Hunt at UFC 200, taking a unanimous decision victory. It came out afterward that he had failed a pre-fight and an in-competition drug test for Clomiphene and 4-Hydroxyclomiphene, both estrogen blockers. In December, the bout was flipped to a No Conttest and Lesnar was suspended for a year, which didn’t mean much since he has retired from MMA again. He was also fined $250,000.

Despite the lawsuit, Hunt continued to fight for the promotion and was stopped by Alistair Overeem in his last bout. He is scheduled to fight Derrick Lewis in June in New Zealand. Lesnar returned to the WWE after the bout and will wrestle Bill Goldberg at WrestleMania 33 this weekend.